6 May 2017


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20th March : My Tuesday Talk Guest - Time Traveller author Barbara Gaskell Denvil

20th March : #TenOEoght Recycled spot... What has King Arthur to do with Ancient Rome?

17th March : my #TenOEight Recyled spot... The Black Heart of Blackbeard

15th March : my #TenOEight Recycled spot... How to Help An Author

15th March : The Mid-Month Extra on Discovering Diamonds Ruth Downie on 'a gang of doctors killed me' and her latest Roman Britain Murder Mystery Medicus Series set in Roman Bath

14th March : How Sea Witch set sail... how the adventure began when I met Jesamiah Acorne on a Dorset beach (near where they filmed Broadchurch) My new Daily #TenOEight Recycled Spot

8th March : #internationalwomensday My tribute to one of Saxon England's greatest queens:

Buy the book: http://www.helenhollick.net/revuemma.html

6th March : #TuesdayTalk: my guest is A E Wasserman talking about
'What Started It All ... Or What Inspired Me to Become a Serious Author, and the Award-Winning Piece That Shoved Me Over the Edge'


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