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Novel Conversations : a conversation with a character from a novel
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A story inspired by a song!


7th December : Novel Conversations with a pirate ... this was supposed to be with Jesamiah but he over-celebrated his birthday so another pirate stepped in: Claude de la Rue. 

4th December : A story inspired by a song - my turn!

4th December :  It's my pirate's birthday today (OK I know he's a fictional character, but he still gets a birthday - even if he was born in 1693)  To wish him Happy Birthday here's an article about him 

27th November : Tuesday Talk: King Arthur... Man or Myth?...Does the truth really matter?

20th November : Trumpet fanfare please! I am very proud to announce that Discovering Diamonds has been awarded a place on the Top 35 Historical Book Blogs, a list selected from thousands of Historical Book blogs "...because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information."  

My thanks to the wonderful team of #DDRevs reviewers and admin helpers - you are all fantastic! Needless to say, I'm thrilled!

14th November : I Escaped To The Country - the follow-up series wen Alistair Appleton and the BBC Crew came back to Devon to see how we were settled in! (available UK until the end of the month)

6th November Tuesday Talk - Arthur and Me, that's King Arthur!
by Helen Hollick

30th October : Tuesday Talk: Friends (not necessarily Romans or Countrymen)

8th - 18th October: #1066 #BattleOfHastings Starting today: a series of articles to run until next week. Today: the Alternative History ebook of short stories about 'What If...' 

25th September : Today in 1066 King Harold II defeated his brother and Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge - a battle which marks the end of the Viking era and a prelude to the end of the Saxon Kingdom.

18th September : Getting ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day on 19th September ... a few useful words fer 'ee t' use matey!

11th September : Tuesday Talk today on my blog... What's In A Name?  I look at some of the pirates' names... Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Stede Bonnet, Thomas Tew and Jesamiah Acorne of course! Stede Bonnet, for instance, was not a successful pirate. (Understatement. He was useless.) 

22nd August : I was live on Radio Devon  with David FitzGerald. 

21st August Hot August KNIGHT... Neil Diamond and King Arthur

14th August : My non-fiction pirate book Pirates: Truth and Tales is out in paperback in the UK (and in the US soon - available to pre-order.) To mark the occasion I Voyaged Round the Blogs on an on-line book tour 'Dropping Anchor' at a wonderful variety of welcoming Ports Of Call to talk about everything piratical. Thank you to all of you who sailed along with me - it has been great fun, and I hope you discovered a few things about pirates that you didn't know before! (And there's LOTS more to discover in the book itself!)

Missed the Boat? Never fear! All my articles should remain anchored at the various harbours I visited, so why not hop aboard a passing Tall Ship and enjoy an interesting Voyage with a pirate or two...

buy or pre-order from Amazon HERE 

17th July : Tuesday Talk - an article about writing articles for my forthcoming Blog Tour

13th - 16th July : I will be attending the Romantic Novelists' Association Annual Conference. Plenty below to keep you amused while I'm gone though!

12th July : Down 'Ere In Devon a lighthearted look at all things Devonian - new posts exclusive to my Newsletter subscribers or wait a month for the archived post to go public.
June's post was Jam or Cream First?
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10th July : Romantic Novelists Association annual conference 'Tweet a love story'. This was my entry from Gallows Wake the 6th Sea Witch voyage planned for publication early 2019) They hanged pirates - and witches. He stared at her beautiful face. Wanted to touch her, hold her. Kiss her. How could their love end like this? He closed his eyes. Tears fell. The noose tightened...But which one of them died

3rd July : Tuesday Talk today... me nattering about [not] leaving comments beneath blog posts. I mention GDPR and pose a puzzled question about those anonymous comments
1st July : My monthly journal is up on my website.


Quick Graphics

24th June

23rd June : It's the weekend and Discovering Diamonds - the review blog for Historical Fiction has a favour to ask... we need readers and writers to include us in a readers and writers survey... click here for more information

22nd June : That Little Matter of King Arthur and Camelot..

16th June : New graphics by ... fab eh? read more about Captain Jesamiah Acorne (that's Acorn with an 'e') 

5th June : Tuesday Talk... thinking in or out of the box? Do you even need a box?

22nd May : Tuesday Talk .... the graphic says it all...

22nd May : Discovering Diamonds and Chilling With a Book - where to get your indie novel noticed

19th May : Brandy for the parson, baccy for the clerk... what did smugglers smuggle? 

19th May : Sincerest best wishes to Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex - a lovely day, a lovely couple and  lovely wedding

13th May : For Poldark Fans - a look at where Ross, Caroline and George lived when they were in London (Georgian London History)

13th May : Do you have aliens in your garden? How to tell English bluebells from invasive Spanish ones

8th May : Fiction and Fantasy (part one) Tuesday Talk with me on my blog

4th May : videos of the foal are now on my Devon Diary blog

24th April : P is for #PIRATE... starting an occasional series on my Blog for Tuesday Talk about... pirates... Today : Charles Vane

20th April : I'm on the English Historical Fiction Authors Blog blog today - talking about those dastardly devils of the smuggling gangs (photo ©Tony smith

13th April - was my birthday, but it was also the day our foal was born! click here for pics and videos

13th April : thank you to everyone who has wished me Happy 65th Birthday today - and for the flowers and cards!  

10th April : this month I'm celebrating 25 years in the writing business... full story on my blog today Let Us Talk Of ManyThings 

27th March : Let Us Talk of Many Things - the topic today ... Iced Snow and a very slippery moment! 

23rd March : Why did Earl Harold of Wessex go to Normandy

21st March : I take a look at the River Torridge in North Devon

20th March : what has King Arthur to do with Ancient Rome?

17th March : the Black Heart of Blackbeard

15th March : my #TenOEight Recycled spot... How to Help An Author

14th March : How Sea Witch set sail... how the adventure began when I met Jesamiah Acorne on a Dorset beach (near where they filmed Broadchurch)

8th March : #internationalwomensday My tribute to one of Saxon England's greatest queens:

Buy the book:

27th February : Tuesday Talk - #GoT - 'Hashtag Game of Thrones' - a few of my thoughts about the TV series and its connection with history. 

15th February : Can One Fall In Love With Fictional Characters? by Anna Belfrage
the Mid-Month Extra on Discovering Diamonds

13th February Tuesday Talk: Every pirate needs a... what? Find out here

30th January : Tuesday Talk - My Arthur (from the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy) his women and his children

28th January : What can I say except 'wow' and blush deeply... "I never thought I’d fall in love with a historical series that wasn’t medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian, but I did....My favorite scene in the whole book (and there were many awesome scene to choose from) was when Jes helped Tiola deliver a baby."   fantastic review of Sea Witch 
A rare interview (no, not with Morgan/Trump) with King Arthur! via Pauline Barclay

26th January New Release! The Kingmaking in German 

23rd January Tuesday Talk - with me and a smuggler or two (and some ponies trotting through the dark

19th January 2013 ... was our first day in our new house. And it looked like this -

(it is also the day, in 1992 that my dear Dad passed away. Miss you Dad.)

18th January : Myths, Legends, Coffee Pots ... and a pirate! Meet Jesamiah Acorne via Mary Anne Yarde's blog

13th January : Falling for Fictional Heroes? An article on Joan Druett's blog - me and my pirate.

9th January : Pages of a book found aboard Blackbeard's ship... does this mean pirates loved reading? Tuesday Talk, article by Helen Hollick

7th JanuaryAs a way of helping to promote writers of historical fiction I am inviting people to send me some suitable articles to possibly be posted on the historical fiction review blog I founded (Discovering Diamonds). Click the link for details. We also welcome submissions of historical fiction (and its various sub-genres) for possible review (and would love some new, additional reviewers!)

6th January : King Harold II crowned at Westminster Abbey 1066

1st January :
Happy New Year to All!

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