Novel Conversations

posted on the First Friday of the month
in conjunction with Indie B.R.A.G.
Anna Belfrage and her character Matthew Graham
Julia Brannan and her character  Sir Anthony Peters
Sharon Dwyer and her character Katelin
Barbara Anne Mojica  and her character George Washington
Inge H. Borg and her character  Ebu al-Saqqara

Clare Flynn and her character Hector Channing
Annie Whitehead  and her character Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia
J L Oakley and her character  Jeannie Naughton
Lorraine Devon  Wilke and her character  Dan MacDowell

Stephanie Churchill and her character  Kassia
Wendy Percival and her character  Maddy Henderson
 Susan Appleyard and her character  Ludwig, King of Bavaria
Charlene Newcomb  and her character Sir Stephen l'Aigle
Florence Osmund  and her character Marie Marchetti

 Helen Hollick  and her character Pirate Claude de la Rue
Alison Morton and her character  Conradus Mitelus

Rosalind Minett and her character Billy
Michele Kallio and her character Elisabeth Beeton
Eileen Stephenson and her character Anna Dalassena
Paula Lofting and her character Tovi

Lucienne Boyce and her character Dan Foster
Terri Karsten and her character Callie Beaton
 Lynda Pollio and her character Addie Mae Aubrey 
Nancy Jardine and her character Aran Bruce

Jamie Dempsey Watts and her character Lola James
Marla L. Anderson's Dr Daniel M. Walker
VickyAdin's Gwenna
Bronwyn Elsmore's Gina
Richard Abbott's Brendan mab Emrys,

Monthly, on the First Friday...

Ian Nathaniel Cohen's Michael McNamara

3rd May 
Mari Anne Christie's Palmer Harrold Wentworth III

7th June 
Kishan Paul's Edil Ghani (Eddie)

5th July 
Mary W Walters's Rita

2nd August 
Valerie Biel's Brigit Quinn

6th September
Annie Whitehead's Penda

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