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Welcome to my Blog!
Wander through wonderful worlds
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meet interesting people,
visit exciting places
and find a few good books
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Mary Anne Yarde will organise your tour 
if you sign up with her, 
send you details of what is required etc

(well, more like guidelines...)
  • You can write about anything you like as long as it is interesting...
  • articles should be between 500 - 2000 words
  • I will not proof read - any typos remain as typos
  • send as a word.doc
  • include what links you want added (website, Facebook etc) PLUS BUYING LINKS to your published book/s Amazon US AND UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA or a Universal link.
  • A 'universal link' is a link that goes to the users' own local Amazon (e.g will link to Amazon US or UK etc depending on where the reader lives)  You can make your own Universal Link on sites such as this one:
  • send any images you want me to use as a separate jpeg NOT included with the text. If images have to be in a certain place in the text mark it in RED as [image xxxx HERE] (send author pic, cover graphic, any relevant images... MUST be © free please)
  • I'm happy to post anything interesting by published or soon-to-be-published authors (any genre acceptable). Your article doesn't have to be the same genres as I write!
  • I'm NOT interested in Commercial enterprises who are selling or advertising things. Spammers, or anyone NOT an author will be instantly doused in weed killer and composted.
  • I will schedule your slot for an organised tour/launch date etc BUT if I haven't received anything at least FOUR days prior to a date allotted - your slot will be forfeited and deleted.
  • articles ...first come first scheduled.
  • I will notify you of the date scheduled. Up to you to make a note ... I will NOT send reminders - however...
  • ...I will send you an actual link to the page on the day your article goes live and will post the link to Facebook and Twitter
  • Up to you to do further promoting though!
I'm sorry but
authors / hopeful authors only

contact me on if you are interested in submitting a post

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