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The Weekend Spotlight

Welcome to my Blog!
Wander through wonderful worlds
real and fictional,
meet interesting people,
visit exciting places
and find a few good books
to enjoy!

Cathie Dunn will organise a tour to suit your needs
(there are various fees),

I also host for Coffee & Thorn 
and Silver Dagger Book Tours
What I offer on this blog
No fee but I would appreciate you buying at least 
one of my books as a thank you.

(more like guidelines...)

This will be a weekend SPOTLIGHT post only
no unsolicited posts
contact me first to book a slot

  • Details about the book (what's on the back cover or on Amazon) attached as a word.doc
  • include:
  • your personal links (website, Facebook, twitter  etc) 
  • BUYING LINKS where your book can be bought - Amazon US AND UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and/or a Universal link and is the book available on Kindle Unlimited
  • short author bio
  • Images - book cover (essential), the author (not obligatory) up to three additional images of your choice if you want anything extra added (promo graphics for instance)
  • attach images as separate jpegs
  • I'm NOT interested in Commercial enterprises who are selling or advertising things. Spammers. Anyone NOT an author will be instantly doused in weed killer and composted.
  • I will schedule your slot near a launch date when possible, but I usually need at least 6 weeks notice...first come first scheduled
  • I require everything to be included at least 7 DAYS before the scheduled date. The earlier the better though
  • Anything not received a week beforehand - your slot will be cancelled.
  • I will notify you of the date scheduled when you book your slotUp to you to make a note. I will NOT send reminders, however...
  • I will send an actual link to the published page on the day your article goes live
  • I will post a link to your spotlight on my  Facebook author page and on XTwitter @HelenHollick #HelenHollick #SpotlightGuest #BookPromotion
  • Up to you to do further promoting!
I'm sorry but I only host
authors / hopeful authors 

contact me if you are interested in a spotlight spot

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