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Historical Articles of Interest by me, Helen Hollick

  • 1066 - Did the English Fleet meet Duke William At Sea?
  • A Sailor's Life for Me (at least until Dinner Time)
  • A Sea Witch, A Surprise and A Rose (by any other name!) Weigh Anchor for a Nautical Blog Hop
  • Blackbeard and the Indie Brig...
  • Blackbeard's book club? 
  • Black Heart of Blackbeard
  • Charles Vane -  my 2018 P is for Pirate series
  • Hereward - The Real Robin Hood?
  • It's Fun to be a Pirate - or is it?
  • January 6th 1066
  • King Arthur and the Wonder of Rome (Blog Hop)
  • King Arthur's women and children 
  • Let's Hear It For Harold
  • Lure of Pirates
  • River Torridge, Devon (Research Notes)
  • Smugglers Romantic Rebels or Despicable Thieves? s?
  • So Who Was King Arthur?
  • Superstitions at Sea
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day 2017 (some useful phrases... Arrr!)
  • What Pirates Needed Was... A Book of Boat Names!
  • Why did Harold go to Normandy?
  • Wonders of Rome - Romano Britain

  • Non-Historical Articles by me...

    Down 'Ere In Devon Archived Posts Index


    • June: Us and ThemThere is a tradition of rivalry in Devon  and Cornwall. All just good-humoured banter… or is it?
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    Tuesday Talk : Guest's Articles

    Historical Articles by me written for the 
    English Historical Fiction Authors Blog   (links go to the EHFA )

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    Reviews (from Amazon and readers)
    The Pendragon's Banner Trilogy:
    The Kingmaking
    Pendragon's Banner
    Shadow of the King

    The Saxon Series
    Harold the King (I Am the Chosen King - US Title)
    A Hollow Crown (The Forever Queen - US Title)
    1066 Turned Upside Down (with other authors)

    Sea Witch Voyages    
    Sea Witch Voyage One
    Pirate Code Voyage Two
    Bring It Close Voyage Three
    Ripples In The Sand Voyage Four
    On The Account Voyage Five
    When the Mermaid Sings (Prequel Novella)

    An excerpt from Sea Witch

    Pirates: Truth and Tales
    Discovering The Diamond (tips for writers)

    HMH Pirate Pleasure - some fun games to play for Talk Like A Pirate Day  (19th September)

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