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Swashbuckling adventure for Pirates eager 
to pillage and plunder on the Spanish Main.
Designed by Tom Butler

Pirates have left a mark on cultures around the world. Depicted as either brave, heroic, freedom-loving swashbucklers or as bloodthirsty criminals; we certainly remain infatuated with their exploits!

They’ve  been the subject of stories for centuries. From pirate books like Helen's awesome Sea Witch Voyages series to  TV shows like Black Sails to board games, like the Pirate Republic.

Helen has teamed up with Green Feet Games and game designers, Dr Sam Hillier and Tom Butler who are revising and expanding their Pirate Republic board game to encompass the West African coast and further piratical missions - which will include an adventure with the young Jesamiah Acorne and the crew of Mermaid (from the book When The Mermaid Sings)

What better way to keep the spirit of the 'Golden Age' alive, through taking on and playing one of the historical pirates of legend - or even Helen’s character, Jesamiah Acorne?

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The game is scheduled to be crowd-funded on Kickstarter no later than the end of 2021.

Podcast interview with Tom Butler:

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