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Helen's Hats

Because I have an eye problem I usually wear a hat 
(the brim keeps some of the light from dazzling my retina) 
So I am finding that reader friends are starting to recognise me by the hats I possess.

It is a sobering thought when The Hat is more famous than I am! LOL
Add to that, I am now known on Radio Devon as
"Helen With the Hat"

anyway - here are The Hats in my life...

This one (2018) is fairly new...

lunch in the members enclosure of the
Launceston Show

Hats - with son-in-law Adam
at a SilverWood Books 'do' Bristol
My 'Winter' hat: bought in a charity shop in Barnstaple
several years before I moved to Devon!

The Hat with David Ebsworth & Debbie Young

A summer hat from several years ago
Julian Stockwin - and The Hat
Karen Maitland, David Ebsworth 
and another Hat at Gedling Book Fair, Nottingham July 2014
Ron, The Hat & movie director Robin Jacob
Actor Mark Lester - and my  English Heritage Hat

With James Hanna (and his hat!) 
and my rainy day hat
and ta-da

my wedding Hat for my daughter's wedding!

My Facebook Hat!
My Hat with dear friend, Celia 
from Australia outside my front door

Doing my talk at Battle
 (English Heritage 1066 re-enactment weekend)
and finally....

... Capt Jesamiah Acorne's Hat!


  1. Replies
    1. Now do I hear a certain Jack Sparrow's voice here? LOL!

    2. I love your hats. I was remembering the 60's and 70's when I had some pretty big brim hats. They always made me feel really dressed up.

    3. Hats do add that extra something don't they!

  2. Lovely hats for a beautiful lady!!! xx I love the photo of you and James.

  3. Love the Hats Helen, just a wee thought was it Gedling book fair 2013 ?


    1. Elisabeth - yes! Gedling! (& I'll be there again this June)

  4. Very nice and I love the wedding hat!

  5. Not everyone can wear hats - by you my friend look lovely in them!!

    1. Just as well I do LOL as I have to wear them - without that brim shading my eyes everything is dazzled & I can't see at all (it's like looking through a bathroom full of steam)

  6. Wish I could wear hats with same aplomb as you can, Helen. - And interesting to see photos of various authors I 'know' online but haven't met.

    1. I'll see if I have any more author-related photos Margaret!

  7. Awesome!
    I love hats, but generally wear a battered fedora.

    1. A battered fedora is on my e-bay watch list! LOL

  8. I think you should be known as HHH - Helen Hollick's Hats!!! :)

  9. How funny to be recognised by your hats, lol. But you wear them so elegantly. I love hats. I'm rarely without one. In winter they keep my head nice and warm, in summer they keep the wasps out of my fringe. Yes, really. I got one entangled in my fringe once and you could probably hear the screams in Devon. It stung me 5 times before I got it out. Summer hats are now a must.

    1. Ouch! Hadn't thought of that use for hats Loretta!

  10. I'm across the pond and women here (or at least in my circle) seldom wheat hats. However, I feel them in my blood--I'm Italian not English--so I'm not sure where this comes from, but I do wear them from time to time. I'm jealous that English women seem to embrace them. Helen, I love your wedding hat, especially. :-)

  11. Thanks! The fashion for wearing hats does seem to be coming back here in the UK - I wish more men would wear hats as well - think how sexy characters in movies & on TV look when wearing a hat!

  12. Oh, I did enjoy wearing Jesamiah's hat yesterday. It gave me real panache. Does he have a spare, by any chance? Only, I may have had a slight accident with it. The crew were so lovely finding me that little seat on the end of a plank, but when I fell in, one of the fish had a bit of a nibble out of the brim. It's right at the back though - hardly notices at all.

    1. Jesamiah says: A rather soggy hat has washed up on deck - seems to have a chunk out of it. It was one of Helen's best...I think I'll hide it and not tell her.She'll never know....


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