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Helen's Hats

Because I have an eye problem I usually wear a hat 
(the brim keeps some of the light from dazzling my retina) 
So I am finding that reader friends are starting to recognise me by the hats I possess.

It is a sobering thought when The Hat is more famous than I am! LOL
Add to that, I am now known on Radio Devon as
"Helen With the Hat"

anyway - here are The Hats in my life...

This one (2018) is fairly new...

lunch in the members enclosure of the
Launceston Show

Hats - with son-in-law Adam
at a SilverWood Books 'do' Bristol
My 'Winter' hat: bought in a charity shop in Barnstaple
several years before I moved to Devon!

The Hat with David Ebsworth & Debbie Young

A summer hat from several years ago
Julian Stockwin - and The Hat
Karen Maitland, David Ebsworth 
and another Hat at Gedling Book Fair, Nottingham July 2014
Ron, The Hat & movie director Robin Jacob
Actor Mark Lester - and my  English Heritage Hat

With James Hanna (and his hat!) 
and my rainy day hat
and ta-da

my wedding Hat for my daughter's wedding!

My Facebook Hat!
My Hat with dear friend, Celia 
from Australia outside my front door

Doing my talk at Battle
 (English Heritage 1066 re-enactment weekend)
and finally....

... Capt Jesamiah Acorne's Hat!