22 January 2011

Huscarl Warrior

I've not had any donations of articles or ideas for the site this week (heavy hint!)
so here's an image instead.

Huscarl Warrior
This was drawn by John "Huscarl" he is involved with the 1066 team as storyboard designer

In the movie world a  "storyboard" is a bit like a comic - it's a set of drawings roughly depicting each scene so at a glance directors, actors, cameramen,. etc can see what the scene is about

(I expect there is a lot more to it than that though! If Robin Jacob - producer 1066 -  drops by this page  perhaps he'd leave an enlightening comment?)

Hey I've just had a thought!

That's why the Bayeux Tapestry was created!
Bishop Odo had decided to make a movie of the Norman Conquest....

Bet you Bill didn't like the script (too much Odo not enough Big Brother ) so the movie never got made.

1066 the UK movie will though !

Got any more funny suggestions of why Odo's project didn't hit the Norman big screen?
(Even though they built all those cinemas..... you thought they were castles? No no .... they were built as sound-around movie theatres & converted to defensive housing later)

Sorry Huscarl - that has completely lowered the tone for your fabulous drawing (and this blog!  *laugh*


  1. It was hard to hire extras for those scenes where the soldiers have their limbs hacked off!

  2. Carolyn! *laugh* - it caused a dreadfuul "shortage" of soldiers for a few years!

  3. Cheers ladies! Good job Arnie isn't on board, we'd be bodycounting through the entire population of the UK in a matter of days!


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