24 May 2012

Facebook - am I alone in being Baffled? (Thursday Thoughts)

Facebook has been in the news here in the UK - and I assume US et al.
It seems that going public on the stockmarket might not have been a good idea. Mind you, as the joke going round says:

Says it all don't you think? Whoever designed it - well done you! Bravo!

The new Timeline idea  - you either love it or hate it.
I like the layout, I like having a nice banner heading, I like being able to "pin to top".
I don't like not having a clue how the wretched thing works though! I miss half the comments and posts that other people put up because half the time I'm not aware they are there; I don't really know how to make best use of the "activity log" - and that's only on my main page. The "pages" are a nightmare. I would like to post on other people's sites as Helen Hollick Author
I would like to post on other people's sites as 1066 the Movie - if you can do so, I blowed if I can find out how!

I would  like Facebook a lot more if it was simpler to use.
The only relief is that I know I am not the only one who hasn't a clue how the darn thing actually works.
Users left Myspace in droves when they changed it. I doubt FB buffs will leave.... unless something better and simpler to use comes along (not sure that Google's one is catching on. I have an account but I rarely use it. Something else to figure out? No thanks!)

Twitter got changed. Sigh. But I use Tweetdeck, which is fairly simple.
The Blogger dashboard is next to change. Was simple, now it ain't. Double sigh.

It ain't broke, so 'they'  fix it. (Treble Sigh)

Why can't Those With Infinite Wisdom leave things alone? Or at least give us the choice of staying with the old, easy, simple, non-baffling, plain, uncluttered, layout?

Even The Doctor is baffled! LOL - sums my thoughts up nicely I think!

Happy Facebooking Folks


  1. There are a lot of things that make me upset or confused about facebook, but it seems like it's more detrimental to me not to use it.

  2. We get sucked in don't we? LOL


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