24 March 2013

I'm in the National News! Oooh!

seems I'm mentioned in the UK's Sunday Mirror today! 
There's a piece about Mark Lester being cast as Harold Godwinesson (King Harold II) in the 1066 Movie (not new news though!) 

Also mentions my novel Harold the King - what a nice surprise!)

Harold the King

Marke Lester, me & actor Ian Whyte at Battle Abbey re-enactment a few years ago


  1. So exciting Helen the best of luck!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting!

    I always wondered what happened to Mark. When is the movie due out?

  3. Char, we're still in pre-production with the movie, so watch this blog for any up-to-date news (subscription window is top left on the side bar) Mark is a lovely person - I'm looking forward to working with him.

  4. Wow Helen- this is amazing- well done! You will be rich and famous, and sit on pink satin cushions, eating rose scented turkish delight.

  5. Connie - I'll settle for just selling a couple more books! :_)

  6. That's really great, Helen!


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