16 July 2013

Tuesday Talk - Dilemmas?

Some while ago I wrote two blogs The Lure of Pirates and Fix it or Ditch It which were along the same theme - well, this one is also sort of linked.

Indie authors have a tough time throughout the writing process. OK, I know, so do mainstream authors - but most traditional published writers have an agent, and all have an in-house editor, which means they have access to someone to discuss hitting brick walls with. Many Indie and Self Published authors have no professional, experienced, personal mentor to fall back on. We have to make all the decisions, even when that brick wall looms solid and apparently immovable ahead.
I'm not, thankfully, at a brick wall, but I am dithering, undecided, at a cross roads. The question is: "Which road do I take?"
I've several ideas for my next book. A spin-off to my Arthurian Trilogy - the first of what will one day be the Madoc the Horseman Series. A follow-on to Harold the King (probably involving Hereward and Harold's Queen, Alditha - and Maybe Duke William's wife, Matilda) or do I write another Jesamiah adventure?
I have rough ideas for all three - even a few chapters written, but I can't decide which one to proceed with.

The Harold follow-up makes sense because I ought to get back to writing serious historical fiction (and conclude the trilogy) but I don't feel up to doing that amount of in-depth research that will be needed (nor do I really want to encounter Duke William again - I think most of you, by now, know I loathe the man!)

 Madoc is waiting in the wings to step forward. I have a good, basic, plot - but nothing in detail. I started writing but foundered as the ideas I have do not seem strong enough to carry the novel through. I need a major re-think, I think.

And Jesamiah? I am, I admit, hooked on the guy. I want to set sail with him again - so where is the problem I hear you say?

Not exactly a problem, let's say it is a dilemma.
Do I write the follow-on to Ripples In The Sand, the fourth Voyage in the series - or do I run with an idea I had for writing a set of short novellas (maximum 50,000 words) about Jesamiah's early life?

It has been suggested I do these for young adults. So that is another dilemma - can I "downsize" Jesamiah's more (ahem) adult nature?

Ah, decisions, decisions.....


  1. I know that you've been struggling with this for some time now - I would continue to say to write what has the strongest pull...and I am getting the impression that it will be Jesamiah - I think the novellas are a wonderful idea and a great way to fill in his back story!

  2. Hey! I am waiting with baited breath for nr 5 in the Jesamiah series! I NEED that book - no, I CRAVE that book. And seriously, Jesamiah without being glorious, adult Jesamiah??? So please, please go for the pirate. Please? Pretty please?

    1. I think Jesamiah will win the day Anna - if I do decide on the "prequel" series (which is an attractive idea - how Jes became a pirate) I can't see me doing it for young adults to be honest - Jes is, as you say, too (ahem) "adult". I have in mind storoes about how & where he met Alicia, the first time he came to England - and the near disaster on Hispaniola as plots. And of course, at the end of Ripples In The Sand he was arrested.... I have to rescue him. Won't harm him to let him stew for a little though (ha ha)


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