29 October 2013

Tuesday Talk - Secret Additions

I haven't much spare time today, so rather than sit here trying to juggle several things at once I'm going to give a link to a link you might not be aware of.

My 'secret' page.

Technically it is an Additional Material extra website, where there are a few things of interest.
Such as:
  • And talking of animation - especially to amuse you (but be careful it is very addictive) go to THIS EXTRA PAGE  & follow these instructions:
    • Read the introduction 
    • Make sure your sound is ON
    • On the top bar where it says "Stirring music to accompany the series" click the black  > arrow on the left. 
    • On this same top bar click the ? on the right
    • Gently move your cursor over the image of the ship

    • Guaranteed to provide relaxation and enjoyment!

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