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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Tuesday Talk - A bit of sunshine for a winter's day

My guest today: 
Antonia Novosel is a regular blogger at SailingEurope blog which is one of the most popular sailing blogs in yacht charter community.

It's turning cold here in the UK (well, it IS December) so let's go in search of some sunshine.....

The Top Seven Most Attractive Beaches in Greece...

Dreaming of a vacation with no worries in the world except whether your fingers have wrinkled enough to get out of the water? One of the most breathtaking options for a sun, sea and sand holiday is Greece, where both the weather and the sea are ideal from late May to early October. Due to its geological structure, Greece boasts a variety of impressive beaches, the most beautiful of which can be accessed only by sea. So if you want to see the best of Greece, rent a yacht and sail away. To give you a brief insight into what awaits you there, here is our list of the top seven most attractive Greek beaches.

1. Navagio Beach (Zakynthos)
The most famous of Greek beaches, Navagio lives up to the expectations as it is really a sight worth seeing. Turquoise sea, white sand, high cliffs and the wreck of an old ship on the shore provide for a surreal experience. If not for the crowds, you would get the feeling of a vacation on a deserted island. This is the only downside – since it is very popular, there are many tourists swarming in on large cruise ships. But if you have a sailing yacht of your own, you can peacefully enjoy this spectacular view.

2. Myrtos (Kefalonia)
A white pebble beach surrounded by steep cliffs, Myrtos is one of the most astonishing beaches, ideal for snorkelling. It was voted the best beach in Greece for several years in a row and is an unavoidable item on the top Greek beaches lists. However, winds tend to be very strong there, so be careful in the afternoons when they pick up.

3.  Sarakiniko (Milos)
This is one of the most impressive beaches to look at, as it is made of white rock with unusual shapes, reminiscent of the Moon’s surface. The whiteness of the rocks accentuates the blue shades of the sea and the sight is rather magnificent.

4. Egremni (Lefkada)
Egremni is a remote beach, and a large one at that, so if you are seeking peace and quiet, this is the one to choose. The beach can be accessed from the shore only via steep steps, so sailing is the most practical option here. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear turquoise sea with barren cliffs surrounding it, a real beauty in total.

5. Porto Katsiki (Lefkada)
Ranked as one of the most beautiful European beaches several times already, Porto Katsiki is a bit more crowded than its neighbouring beach of Egremni. It is a long expanse of white sand surrounded by high cliffs and clear blue-green water with lots of space for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling or enjoying the slow sway of your yacht.

6. Balos (Crete)
This spectacular beach is made of several shallow pools forming a lagoon between Crete and a small island opposite. White sand and clear water provide for a Caribbean feel of the place. Because of its beauty and peculiarity, it is visited by lots of tourists, many of whom come by rented boats and leave before late in the afternoon. If you are sailing on your own, you get the luxury to stay longer and enjoy the quiet spectacle of the sunset.

7. Red Beach (Santorini)
The Red Beach is a unique sight in Greece, among the whiteness of the other beaches. Red Beach is made of volcanic sand, which gives it its special color. It is easier to reach by sea, so if you are sailing nearby, make a stop there and enjoy the spectacular view of volcanic influence on the island. The surrounding water is clear and deep so you can also spend your time snorkeling and exploring its depths.

It is hard to make a short list, but these seven are in one way or another special and it would be a waste not to visit them if you are spending your holiday in Greece, especially if you are on a sailing yacht, as you can approach them more easily. You will not regret the trip, whichever beach you decide to visit. Have an amazing Greek experience!

By Antonia Novosel

If you want to find out more about sailing to all these beautiful places, please visit

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