22 December 2015

Christmas Tizzy...


I was planning on writing an interesting article for today - 22nd December, about... well, something, for the Winter Solstice.

I was planning on doing a lot of things, in fact, but there's a quote that goes something like "Best laid plans of mice and men" (OK badly quoted, I haven't got time to look it up).

But things went awry yesterday (21st December) I started off fine: got up, went to let the ducks and goose out of their night-time fox-proof house. Got hissed at by Goosey (who might be a gander we're not sure)

and braved the perils of a steep-sloped orchard which has a path that more resembles a mud-slide.
There are several 'overfllow' paths running down the orchard, where the incessant rain (it has hardly stopped since June!) finds its own route down the hill. The ducks love these as they rootle about in the wet finding all sorts of interesting things to eat. All fine and dandy but my orchard is criss-crossed by various duck-rootled runs! Maybe the grass will grow back next spring...

So jobs done. I settle down to write.
I'm stuck on one of the last chapters of the next Sea Witch Voyage, On The Account. It isn't working too well.
Then I had a thought (gasps of horror from you all?)

Where did I put that small, but costly, Christmas presents  I bought from e-bay for my daughter Kathy?
It isn't her main pressie, just an extra, but  something I know she'll like.

So I started searching. I remembered it arriving and opening it - and hastily stuffing it somewhere as said daughter has a habit of popping into my study unannounced - fine usually, but not when you are inspecting Christmas stuff!

So I hastily hid it.

I vaguely remembered moving it to somewhere else after she had gone.
But where?

Half a day later I still hadn't found it, and by then the stress levels had risen along with the blood pressure and the aching arthritic knees (from having to bend and/or climb to look in possible hiding places)

All not helped and extremely hindered by my poor sight. Which is starting to get me down.
It is SO frustrating not being able to SEE clearly. I miss typos when writing, so have to read everything slowly several times - including e-mails, so even the shortest communication takes me twice as long to compose. Christmas Cards? I sent e-ones to most people this year because it is very difficult looking at addresses in my address book and copying them out.  My handwriting has never been good at the best of times, now it is ragged, untidy AND slopes downward.

(so if you are expecting a Christmas Card from me - check your inbox for a Jacquie Lawson e-card)

I kept telling myself not to get worked up. It wasn't an important pressie (the important one is a set of show jumps - not giving the game away, Kathy knows they are coming after Christmas).

Consequently, for the rest of the day I couldn't relax. I could have gone for a walk - pouring (and I mean pouring!) rain and  pleasant walks don't match.

I went on ebay and re-ordered the item. It'll not be here for Christmas but it will make a New Year or Twelfth Night gift.

By evening (having given up trying to get that chapter to go right) I turned the computer off and went to pitch my wits on Quiz Night on TV - University Challenge and Only Connect. Scored 0 for Only Connect (as per usual) and 15 for U.C.  Yay!

A typical expression for Only Connect Questions... 
Bed time. Read a chapter (again with difficulty, reading, unfortunately, is now not the pleasure it used to be unless I have a book on Kindle - but e-books are not the same are they?)
Lights out. I listened to the wind groaning and moaning, heard the Tarka Line train go clickety-clacking by along the Taw Valley, heading for Umberleigh station.

And I had a thought! (Yes! Another one!)
The Christms Box! Where I put all the little silly things that I gather during the year as extra stocking fillers.... on goes the light. Down comes the box from on top f the wadrobe.

THAT's where I hid it!!!

No, its not the end of the story. I should have felt calm, pleased - mission accomplished. Nope. I lay there half the night worrying about "Why didn't I think of the Chrstmas Box in the first place? How could I possibly have forgotten about the Christmas Box?"

The only consoling thought: if you're remembering that you've forgotten it probably isn't dementia. Its just quietly going bonkers.... but then I am over 60 and a natural blonde, so there isn't much hope for me really is there? *laugh*

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Brightest Blessings for the Winter Solstice
 and Merry Christmas to you all... 

 (if you've lost it, look in the box on top of the wardrobe!)


  1. And I thought that ours was the only household to have those sort of adventures. One year we found some of the children's presents in the GARAGE around Easter! Have a great Christmas Helen and Family, and thanks for the card.

  2. Ha, I have lost a present too this year but found it yesterday. I understand with all the plans. I wonder if we are alike in this way. I often pile on a bit too much but thank goodness for Solstice. Now it is time to rest and rejuvenate. Have a wonderful Christmas! Many Blessings for the New Year!

  3. Hate losing things...One year when the girls were very young, we bought their Christmas presents quite early and stashed them away and well out of site...December came, and forgetting all about the early presents, we bought lots of presents as we always spoil our children and family rotten. Christmas eve arrived...and yes...we found the earlier presents which were fortunately quite different from the latter ones. Girls were doubly spoiled that year. Many thanks for the e-Christmas Card, Helen. Must try that next year. Best wishes to you down there in North Devon...from us up here in the South. Caz and Geoff (If there are any typos, apologising as we are off to a family party soon... Must get ready x

  4. Thanks Caz....I will now go off to check there's no forgotten presents in the loft....LOL


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