6 July 2016

Setting Sail for the Fifth Sea Witch Voyage!

Weighing anchor for the fifth Sea Witch Voyage to set sail: 

the anchor cable is being hauled in,
 On The Account, released 7th July
 the sails are being set....

Helen's Amazon Author Page
to grab your copy of the swashbuckling adventure! (paperback or e-book)

Here's the first in Sea Witch's voyage around the blogs: The Anticipation of the New Book...
'I am happy to host Helen Hollick, writer of engrossing historical fiction, luscious series set in far ago times and fascinating places.  Her creativity is only matched by her encouragement and support of other writers.'   (my thanks to host Diana Wilder) http://dianawilder.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/do-fabulous-writers-make-you-nervous.html


  1. Fair Winds and Following Seas!

  2. Captain Jesamiah Acorne just might have to make a guest appearance . . . elsewhere.



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