13 September 2016

Tuesday Talk Today...

... something a bit different:

Floating Freely in the Air

I can see a blanket of flat, thick mist
creeping up the valley,
Floating freely in the air;

The moon's just rising
Like a glowing pearl,
Floating freely in the air;

Autumn leaves, as moonlit butterflies,
flow in fragile flutter,
Floating freely in the air;

The tawny owl in the whispering pine
cuts the motionless night
As it floats freely in the air;

The eerie bark
of the calling stag
Floats freely in the air.

The magic of moorish beast and flora
Floats freely in the air.

Hugh Kilvington, age 11
 (West Buckland School, Devon)

photos: Kathy Hollick Blee; Tony Smith, Simon Murgatroyd


  1. I like reading about nature in your poetry.

    1. Thank you Tea - this lovely poem was written by the grandson of one of my neighbours here in our North Devon village.

  2. That's very, very good for a lad of that age. I hope he keeps on writing. It's very imaginative and he uses the words well.

  3. Fabulous photos and poetic imagery. So creative. I love the moon description in particular.


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