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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Loyalist Legacy

My Tuesday Talk Guest: Elaine Cougler

When the War of 1812 is finally over William and Catherine Garner flee the desolation of Niagara and find in the wild heart of Upper Canada their two hundred acres straddling the Thames River. On this valuable land, dense forests, wild beasts, disgruntled Natives, and pesky neighbors daily challenge them. The political atmosphere laced with greed and corruption threatens to undermine all of the new settlers’ hopes and plans. William cannot take his family back to Niagara, but he longs to check on his parents from whom he has heard nothing for two years. Leaving Catherine and the children, he hurries along the Governor’s Road toward the turn-off to Fort Erie, hoping to return in time for spring planting. 
With realistic insights into the challenging lives of Ontario’s early settlers, Elaine Cougler once again draws readers into the Loyalists’ struggles to build homes, roads, and relationships, and their growing dissension as they move ever closer to another war. The Loyalist Legacy shows us the trials faced by ordinary people who conquer unbelievable hardships and become extraordinary in the process.

“We Want a Say!”
Ordinary People Fight the Family Compact

One of the interesting things about writing historical fiction is the exquisite chance for an author to show attitudes, events and mores of times gone by. Writing about my own country as it was coming into being has allowed me to show how different our world was in the days following the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Today we enjoy good relations with both our American neighbours to the south and our mother country across the pond. This state of affairs was not always so. Quite a lot of wrangling took place with the Americans in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and families suffered because of it.

Even the British government during the times of which I write was not always fair to Loyalists and others under its protection:
  • Many of the Six Nations Indians fought bravely and boldly on the side of the British in the American Revolution only to lose great tracts of land when the British and the Americans finalized their treaty to end that war in 1783.
  • Richard Beasley’s beautiful and well treed land overlooking Burlington Bay (at present-day Hamilton, Ontario) was seized by the British for its suitability as a troop and supplies depot; Beasley got back a denuded and desolate tract of land he soon lost entirely, because of the chicanery of those in power. You can see that land today where Dundern Castle sits, a tourist mecca built right over the redoubts and battlements on Beasley’s land.
  • And after the War of 1812 the British system allowed the rise of a group of powerful men disdainfully called the “Family Compact” by those early settlers in Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec). These men did as much as anyone to cause the pioneers to move toward democracy so that ordinary people could have a say in their own world.

In the excerpt from the third book of the Loyalist trilogy below, the two Garner brothers are in York (Toronto) arguing with Bishop Strachan, a powerful member of the “Family Compact."

“Now I remember where I heard your names before. Your father is John Garner.”
“Yes.” The brothers answered together.
    A tiny smile crossed the bishop’s face, thinning out his lips even more. “And you broke out of jail all those years ago. With your father.”
    William’s voice cut in. “We were all wrongfully imprisoned. No charges were brought against any of us.” After a moment he added, “sir.”
    A large sense of foreboding in his gut, Robert dared to speak again. “We had to escape. Our father was sick and dying from being in that infernal jail.” He kept his voice low but inside his heart was pounding as he remembered.
    “Just one of the illegal acts perpetrated by those in power. For their own ends.” William’s tone was soft. “I ask you, is that any way to start a country?"
    “You want me to listen to jail breakers?”
    “Who were illegally jailed!” Robert could not abide the sneer on the man’s face.

Suddenly the bishop stood and leaned over the desk right into their shocked faces. “Aha! Now I remember. You.” He pointed his bony finger in Robert’s face. “You’re illegal. You blasted American!” The man ranted all around the room, shouting and shrieking, so that the door crashed open and the beady-eyed clerk came running in.
    “Arrest this man!” The bishop pointed at Robert. The clerk grabbed his arm and shouldered him past the shocked William and out of the room.

Excerpt from The Loyalist Legacy 

 “....absolutely fascinating….Cougler doesn't hold back on the gritty realities of what a couple might have gone through at this time, and gives a unique view of the Revolutionary War that many might never have considered.”
Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews.

“ intriguing story”
 A Bookish Affair

“I highly recommend this book for any student of history or anyone just looking for a wonderful story.” 
Book Lovers Paradise

“Elaine’s storytelling is brave and bold.”  
Oh, for the Hook of a Book
Oh, for the Hook of a Book

Elaine Cougler is the author of historical novels about the lives of settlers in the Thirteen Colonies who remained loyal to Britain during the American Revolution.

Cougler uses the backdrop of the conflict for page-turning fictional tales where the main characters face torn loyalties, danger and personal conflicts. Her Loyalist trilogy: The Loyalist’s WifeThe Loyalist’s Luck and The Loyalist Legacy coming in 2016. 

The Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair selected The Loyalist’s Wife as a finalist in its Self-Publishing Awards. The  Middlesex County Library selected the book as its choice for book club suggestions. The Writers Community of Durham Region presented Elaine with a Pay-It-Forward Award. 

Elaine has led several writing workshops and has been called on to speak about the Loyalists to many groups. She writes the blog, On Becoming a Wordsmith, about the journey to publication and beyond. She lives in Woodstock with her husband. They have two grown children.

@ElaineCougler    Twitter

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Chill With A Book Award
by Pauline Barclay

September saw the launch of a brand new award, Chill with a Book AWARD.

The Award is exclusively for indie authors and authors with small indie publishers. It is designed to promote the best books from indie authors.

Indie authors write some of the best reads in out the market place, but due to a number of constraints their work is not always as visible as authors published with large publishing houses, yet many of these authors deserve as much, if not more, recognition.

For those who know me, understand I am very passionate about supporting indie authors, I am one myself and know from personal experience how tough it is to gain recognition and a large following whilst sitting down and writing the next novel, and that is why I have created Chill with a Book AWARD .

I want Chill with a Book AWARD, not only to gain a reputation for recognising great reads, but for authors to feel proud to receive the accolade. However, the AWARD is not for everyone, it will only be honoured to the best.

How the process works:

Once a title has been accepted for consideration it will be read by a number of Chill’s readers and checked against the following criteria…

Were the characters strong and engaging?
Was the book well written?
Did the plot have you turning the page to find out what happened next?
Was the ending satisfying?
Have you told your friends about it?

Readers have clear instructions on how to arrive at their evaluation.

Authors must understand that a book accepted for consideration for a Chill with a Book AWARD does not guarantee it will receive the AWARD.

Authors of books accepted for consideration will be notified directly whatever the final decision.

Awarded books will be promoted on Chill with a Book’s web site, Chill's Pinterest board, Chill's Facebook page and Twitter

A small fee of £16 is charged for each book accepted for consideration payable via Paypal (the fee is for the purchase of Kindle copies for readers and any balance left used to maintain Chill’s web site)

There are limited places each month for books to be considered and if you are interested in submitting your title, please email Pauline at in the first instance.

Chill with a Book’s decisions to accept or reject a book for consideration is final.
Chill with a Book's decision to award a book or not is final.

It is an exciting time for Chill with a Book and indie authors and I look forward to seeing great, well written reads sporting the coveted Chill with a Book AWARD button on every book shelf.

For more about Pauline and Chill with a Book AWARD click on the following links:


  1. Pleased to discover about Elaine Cougler's trilogy as fascinated by the 1812 period - as a Brit who lived in Easter Canada and now in US. Have to start at book 1 - any e-books planned?

  2. thanks Roland - Elaine will answer you soon

  3. Hi Roland Thanks for your comment. I have eBooks for all three of the Loyalist trilogy in Kobo and Kindle. The 3rd book is a little slow getting up on Amazon but it's coming. The Loyalist's Wife and The Loyalist's Luck are there already. I'm also finishing off and audio book for The Loyalist's Wife. That should be up after Christmas. Enjoy!

  4. Helen, thanks so much for having my third book on your informative and appealing site. You do a fabulous job of getting your writing out there for the world to see. And, of course, I love your books!

  5. Many thanks will look again on Amazon UK site


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