10 January 2017

My Next Book

I recently shared the cover of my next book to be published with those who subscribe to my (sort of) monthly newsletter. Now they've had their 'sneak preview' I'm ready to go fully public. 
So drum-roll please:

It is a non-fiction about - well, pirates, and I explore some of the common things we know about pirates, some things not so common, and take a look at why we are so fascinated with these dastardly rogues! There are biographical chapters, chapters about things of interest (for instance, I take a look at rum, its production and lucrative stealability) and interspersed within the non-fiction I explore the fictional side of pirates, drawing on my own Sea Witch Voyages and several other sources (Frenchman's Creek as example!) 
Due for publication in the UK on the 15th February (US May 1st) you can order your copy now 

"Pirates have fascinated people for several centuries. The master terrorists of their age, the sailors of the early 18th century, who went "on the account" hoping to gain fortune and fame, often led a short but exciting life—albeit one supplemented by rum and debauchery. Theirs was a harsh life, overshadowed each day by the presence of death, either by injury, illness or the hangman’s noose. But the lure of gold, the excitement of the chase and the freedom that life aboard a ship offered was worth the risk. Or was it? The fictional world of pirates, represented in novels and movies, is somewhat different to the base reality, but what draws readers and viewers to these notorious "bad boys" of the past? And what are the facts behind the fantasy? Where does fiction end, and fact begin?"
It's Hardback - pre-order a copy now!
Amazon.co.uk  published 15th February £20.00
Amazon.com  published 1st May (note at the moment it carries the wrong title) $29.95

Here are some of the lovely comments left by my newsletter subscribers - please do add your own (and maybe subscribe to my newsletter?)
  1. Shiver me timbers, tis a good un, aahh.
  2. Looks brilliant Helen - very appealing. xx
  3. Wow! So excited for you Helen. A-l-m-o-s-t clicked share... But, I didn't. How fabulous. Great book cover. I want it... on my Kindle Library... so I shall have to wait a while, I guess. May have to have a G & T in Celebration... Well done you. And Happy Christmas to you and yours x Caz and Geoff, and my girls Lucy and Rosie... #cockerspaniels x
  4. Just received the wonderful email. Thank you! Readers just love you! Merry Christmas Helen!
  5. ps Coz there's always a ps... should you do one of your competitions, I shall have to enter to win a hardback copy, o'course. #Justsaying x
  6. Excellent news. Cover is outstanding, the quote an eyecatcher! Good luck and see if I can get around to reading it!!!
  7. Wow! Walk the plank should you dare to share just yet. Love it!
  8. Great cover Helen
  9. That cover should certainly stand out in a crowd - and the great thing about a non-fiction book on a subject like this is that it has no sell-by date, so with a following wind it should go on selling well for years to come. Happy Christmas.
  10. Great cover!
  11. Fabulous! Can't wait!
  12. Cripes, Helen, Oi'm lookin' forward ter a real good read of "Pirates" roight soon. Meanwhile Oi wish yew a fine an' merry Christmas!
    Wiv luv from, Jenno...
  13. Perfect cover for a perfect book about Pirates! I will be ready and waiting for it to be available in stores. I just love to read about pirates! Helen, I would like to wish you, your family and your readership a Very Merry Christmas and a very successful New Year!
    Love, Carole in Canad
  14. That cover howls "Secure ship; we're about to be boarded." Quite foreboding and, for those of us who love pirates, most tempting. Even wearing an eye patch, potential readers won't be able to miss it.
  15. Love it, Helen! Calls for a hearty glug from the rum ration in celebration. Best of luck.
  16. How exciting to be taking on this challenge. Congratulations, Helen. Wishing you and yours happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a great 2017.

You're welcome to leave more comments below! LOL 


  1. I cannot wait! You know how I am about pirates....LOL! Luckily I have an Amazon.UK account, will be pre-ordering this weekend! The cover art is amazing! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations, Helen. So just how did you get 36 hours in your days???

  3. Thanks ladies! Well, there's a secret to a 36 hour day... you cut out the non-essentials such as eating and sleeping... LOL

  4. How exciting. I've been waiting for this one.

  5. Thanks Loretta - hope you enjoy it (there are some rather nasty real pirates in it though)

  6. Looks great, Helen. Very good luck with it!

  7. Thanks for sharing your review. I am always read romance and fiction story. But you r book is also looks so interesting. I want to try this book. So I will download eBook copy for me.


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