26 September 2017

BOOK LAUNCH! The Labyrinthine Journey by Luciana Cavallaro

Book 2: Servant of the Gods
Historical Fiction Mythology

Dear current and prospective readers,

My name is Evan Chronis. My creator thought it may be a good idea to reach out to you as I am the main character in a book she wrote. I’d like to say here and now, that I am pretty jacked off at her for dumping me in an era where the drinking water is brown, no one likes to bathe, and the clothes are coarse and uncomfortable. She makes me wear a dress!! There is an upside, and the cool part is I get to carry a sword and shield. She even let me use them, though she couldn’t help herself in almost killing me. [eye roll] 

I did get to meet a few heroes of mine, one who I thought was a mythical character. I still can’t believe I met Jason and sailed on the Argo! And I got to meet and spend time with Plato. Yes, the famous philosopher! I have to say, it was rather daunting speaking with him, but it was brilliant too. I also had a meet and greet session with an Amazonian queen. I didn’t think I had made a good first impression; the heat from the fire and the wine [ahem], didn’t sit very well. To the queen’s credit, she was more concerned about my wellbeing and thereafter, we spent a lot of time of time together. I shall leave it there.

Unfortunately, those pesky harpies returned and created havoc as usual. We also fought Skylla, a hideous monster that did a lot of damage to the Argo. Afterwards, with a little help from Poseidon and Ares, we were on our way to Crete when the Cyclops turned up, massive dudes who ran interference for Eris, the Goddess of Discord. In fact, she had sent the harpies and Skylla to stop us from recovering the sacred relics. She and another immortal are trying to prevent us from completing our quest, and to be honest, I am not sure if we will succeed. 

To the author’s credit, the story is packed full action, near-death experiences and I’ve visited amazing places and met extraordinary people. You will too. Come along and meet the other characters. Just between you and me, a few of the other characters I have to work with aren’t pleasant or friendly. 

See you on the flipside of page 1.
ISBN: 978-0-9874737-6-9
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