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29 July 2018

Follow The Tour... With A Pirate Or Two For Company

My non-fiction pirate book Pirates: Truth and Tales is out in paperback in the UK (and in the US soon - available to pre-order.) To mark the occasion I Voyaged Round the Blogs on an on-line book tour 'Dropping Anchor' at a wonderful variety of welcoming Ports Of Call to talk about everything piratical. Thank you to all of you who sailed along with me - it has been great fun, and I hope you discovered a few things about pirates that you didn't know before! (And there's LOTS more to discover in the book itself!)

Missed the Boat? Never fear! All my articles should remain anchored at the various harbours I visited, so why not hop aboard a passing Tall Ship and enjoy an interesting Voyage with a pirate or two...

buy or pre-order from Amazon HERE 


  1. I know what you mean about the paucity of comments, Helen - exacerbated for me because I have no idea which of my (apparently several) personae will be doing the commenting! I can never tell how I am logged in and therefore exactly who is speaking!

    As for author newsletters, as you know I have recently launched one of my own, so I am hoping that I can tell quite quickly whether it is having any positive effect on number of readers, or engagement with readers. I started out with sixteen subscribers and this month have attracted.... one more!! Still, that's seventeen people listening to me burble on about Regency history, which is sort of like a classroom-full. Onwards and upwards!

    1. Ah the trials and tribulations of trying to get ourselves noticed! LOL (I like the idea of 'a classroom full'!)


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