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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tuesday Talk - will be on a Wednesday this week!

Starting tomorrow (1st July)
a new series...
where my guests are female writers 
talking about their female characters
(don't worry I will invite the chaps later!)

Here's the forthcoming guest list so far!

1st July 2020
Cryssa Bazos and 
Mairead O’Coneill

7th July 2020
Amy Maroney and
Miramonde de Oto

14th July
Pauline Barclay and

21st July
Susan Grossey and
Martha Plank

28th July
Judith Arnopp and
Margaret Beaufort

4th / 5th / 6th August
Marian L Thorpe
 I: Lena of Tirvan
II: Lady Dagney
III: The Empress Eudekia
11th August


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