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Wednesday 14 February 2024

Silver Dagger Book Tours: my guest - Lina Hart Beyond Power

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 With Power They'll Evolve. 

Through Love They'll Survive.  

Beyond Power

Spectral Series 1

by Lina Hart

Genre: Supernatural SciFi Romance

One epic love story. A futuristic world. And a group of young people discovering their supernatural powers to stand against one man playing God.

Angelia is a hardware tech genius who enjoys her solitary life amid books and robotic technology until a man with silver eyes shapes a new path for her future. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they discover that a few innocent lies only scratch the surface of the dangers they must face together.

In a dystopian future, Marina is one of the few surviving human beings on Earth. She fills her isolated days maintaining her high-tech compound, making supply runs to the now desolate New Eastland, and coping with the loss of her mother. One day, her security perimeter alerts her to the presence of a supposedly extinct cat. Before coming to terms with her new feline friend, a traveler appears at her door, calling into question everything she thought she knew.

A scientist obsessed with finding a super healing gene sets off a chilling chain of genetic events, unleashing a new breed of extraordinary humans. As those without the gene become expendable, a terrifying struggle for survival ensues, and the consequences of playing with genetic fire changes the course of humanity.

As the cast of characters grows in this time-jumping journey, everyone will be faced with one impossible question: what is worth more: evolution and power or love and passion?

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read an excerpt

PROLOGUE, JUNE 14, 2106, Leeya

The pain was excruciating.

A silver light traveled from the top of my head down through my spine and swirled around me. I was ripped open from the inside, like a light needed to burst from my chest. Somehow, my body contained a fire hot enough to con- sume me. It was unbearable.

I kept screaming as it coursed through me.

As I gritted my teeth, holding myself together, fighting to keep myself in one piece, the pain started to subside. Slow at first, it eventually quieted to nothing. Pulling my hands away from the side of my face, I slowly opened my eyes, blinking them in the light shining through the window, tears wet on my cheeks. I looked around the living room in the small apartment and tried to regulate my erratic breathing. As I opened my mouth to call for my dad, a bright light took over my mind. It was white at first—blinding white—and then it changed to a bright black, like all the energy of the world sat in one place inside of me.

Purple strings of light, power, and energy left my body in waves in every direction. Small specks of light the same color swirled outward. It was terrifying and beautiful...."

Chapter 13: DECEMBER 2104, Raven

"I couldn’t hit them from here. A panic filled my chest. They were going to capture Sloan in less than thirty seconds if I didn’t make a better plan. The scenarios played through my mind as my lungs constricted again. Holding onto the feeling, I let it build in my center, dark and light at the same time, watching as the men ran down the dock, yelling at Sloan.

The deeper the feeling went, the harder and harder it was to hold. I heard rumbles from the sky and watched as the light from the moon became dimmer. Clouds drifted together. Not knowing what would happen, I waited until the men were only feet from Sloan. I saw his eyes widen with fear as he jumped away from the men, high in the air. I let go of the energy, letting it fly out and upward. My arms flew up beside me.

A bright light flashed again and again in front of the running men, and with a roar, the sky opened. Rain fell hard around us."

Lina Hart fell in love with reading while growing up in Orange County, California, which ultimately led her to achieve a B.A. in Linguistics. Once she took up narrative writing, she quickly embraced a new love. Writing fiction awarded her a canvas where she could bring whimsical worlds and captivating characters into existence. She quickly began developing and chasing a passion of bringing a rollercoaster of emotions to her readers.

Lina now resides in Long Island, New York, spending her days writing with her heart on her sleeve while enjoying her beautiful and busy days with her blended family of six kids and her incredibly supportive (and handsome) husband.

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