31 March 2012

(A bit of Trumpet Tootling) Free on Kindle this weekend

A bit of Trumpet Tootling self promotion: 
Discovering the Diamond
tips for new writers by (blush) me. 

As a published author of almost eighteen years, and the Historical Novel Society UK Editor for reviewing self-published historical fiction, I enjoy helping other, new, writers achieve their dream of writing a book.

Finding that I was repeatedly being asked for – and providing - the same advice, I decided to put together a few ‘guidelines’ into one, easy to access package.
With the aid of my UK freelance editor, Jo Field, who added good advice about the essential process of editing, the initial few pages soon expanded.

Demand for Discovering the Diamond proved popular, so I asked Cathy Helms of  Avalon Graphics to design a cover, and Helen Hart of Silverwood Books to publish it on Kindle in the UK and US.

Eager writers will find some useful tips and suggestions, and a few do’s and don’ts regarding the writing and production of a novel - with the ultimate aim of producing a polished diamond of a read.

Not got a Kindle? Try the Kindle for PC  instead!

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