1 November 2012

For those of us who are cat lovers...

Why do we put up with the apparent casual demands of Puss? (Rhetorical question. I don't think there's a sane answer.)

(not my cat - but a cute pic!)
Sitting watching TV: made myself comfy in the chair - within two minutes a series of "meows" and here is Sybil on my lap yamming away demanding attention. That's fine, I love her on my lap (better than any hot water bottle) but she doesn't seem to understand that I'm engrossed in Downton Abbey and really don't want half the screen obscured by her bum. As lovely as it is.

Sybil watching TV
Mab thinks I need  company. Well yes, I enjoy having her around - but does she really have to sleep on the mouse mat where I want to use the mouse? Or beneath the desk lamp where, of course, it is lovely and warm but which totally obscures the light from falling on my keyboard.

Does your cat bop you with his/her paw of a morning to wake you up? Light dabs on the tip of my nose. Open my sleepy eyes to stare straight into Sybil's, followed by an enthusiastic meow, which can only translate as, "Oh Good! You are awake!"

Sybil on my bed
Running the vacuum cleaner round the house this morning, twice I had to unblock the hose because furry cat toys had been sucked up - and a bit of a fright in the middle of the night. That mangled catnip mouse in the middle of the bathroom floor looked so real....

Mab as a kitten
And I must ask this: does anyone else have a puss who is addicted to the toilet roll? Sybil loves unrolling it. Once or twice a day we have loo roll all over the floor. If we're lucky its just unrolled,but on a "I've had a good time"day it is also shredded. Have you tried picking up shredded loo roll?


Windowsill Mab
I wonder also, am I the only one who sits at my desk, writing, with a blanket around my shoulders because my cat insists on having the window open?

Both Mab and Sybil are not too amused that the days are turning colder, though they are pleased that the central heating is on. Mab stretches out along the radiator in my bedroom and Sybil enjoys the window sill. I've given up putting the ornaments and picture frames straight; such unnecessary items are now removed so that Madam can stretch out.

Fat Cat Sybil
I wonder how they are going to enjoy the new house we have (hopefully) bought in Devon? Deep window recesses (a foot wide window sills) acres of pasture filled with creatures far more interesting than mere Town Mice. A choice of stretching out before the real log fire or the kitchen range; more bedrooms (and consequently, more beds).

Not surprising there are few bees and butterflies in my garden
The two of them are curled apparently asleep on the settee in my office - though I have a suspicion they have one eye open, watching me. It's tea-time .... I guess I'd better feed the two starving moggies before they waste away....


  1. You are definitely describing my cat...we just barely get comfy on the couch and little princess is right there...we have a routine and it is all around her...lol. would not change it for the world..she is a great cat and we love her so we put up with her foibles...even to the extent of finding dead mice on the kitchen floor...and she does not even go outside...lol

  2. LOL - we are gluttons for punishment aren't we?

  3. Helen - try it with THREE cats!! I have three lovlies that are constantly underfoot (especially at feeding or treat time!). Artemis is my big male that will jump on my bed and bat me in the nose if I try to sleep in past morning treat time, Luna is my big fat female (looks a lot like your Mab) that just lays around all over the floor - especially where you want to walk (and she has chosen my older son AJ as "her" person - wherever he is, she's not far away; last but not least is Nugget - she's the youngest that sleeps with me on the bed - the only issue I have is when she decides to start kneading her claws into the middle of my back or the side of my leg! I wouldn't trade any of them for the world!!!!

    Speaking of pets - how's poor old Rum???

  4. Hmmmm....now I know that I'm going to be swatted by you all, but I do wonder whether you should try being in charge and asserting yourselves?? LOL

  5. They rule the roost in most houses i would think and us cat lovers let them !Why not! They are the most beautiful animals in the world , whether they be big like Cheetahs or small like kittens.

  6. Mark - you've obviously never had a cat! LOL

  7. Kelly - two are enough thank you! Rum is still holding his own (that's our old dog to readers who don't know) he's very wobbly on his old legs now - we're taking each day as it comes for him.

  8. I basically learned about a majority of this, but with that in mind, I still assumed it had been helpful. Nice job!

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  9. I think you should bring Peter St. John a kitten. An orange one would be perfect!

  10. LOL Ginger - an orange marmalade cat eh?

  11. In repy to all your questions as to whether we cat lovers have similar problems to yours.... My answer is YES YES YES YESSSSSSSS Try four cats!!!!!! Shredded toilet paper!!!!! Oh my!!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this entry Helen and thank you for posting.

  12. Leila - *laugh* my two are miffed at the moment as having lost our old doag a couple of weeks ago to old age, we have just acquired a new dog from the Dog's Trust Rehoming Centre. I mean! A DOG! what do we need a DOG for? Hrrmph.
    Add to that it has been pouring with rain all day - that dog's fault, of course, HE made it rain.... :-)

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