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Wednesday 25 June 2014

HNS Indie Award 2014

I am delighted to announce the Historical Novel Society Annual Indie Award
By Helen Hollick
Managing Editor HNS Indie Reviews

As Managing Editor for HNS Indie Reviews I have been working for some time to organise an Historical Novel Society Indie Award for self/indie published historical fiction writers, and I am pleased to announce that the first annual Award will be made at the HNS London 2014 Conference in September.
My whole idea behind this Award is to promote the quality produced by Historical Fiction  indie writers.
Any indie novel reviewed by the HNS Indie Review teams in the UK or US (and eventually Australasia) that receive an Editor’s Choice accreditation will automatically be entered onto a long list for the Award (usually 16-18 books, but numbers may vary).
From these, the US and UK Editors will nominate nine books to go forward as a short list to be independently judged  in order to select four finalist choices.

For this exciting inaugural Award, however, we have chosen a short list from the past Indie Editor’s Choice selections, as published on the HNS Indie Review pages:

I am proud to announce that for 2014 two eminent writers have kindly consented to be our judges. Orna Ross, bestselling literary novelist and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) will be our short list judge, and the four finalists selected will be judged by New York Times bestselling and award-winning novelist, Elizabeth Chadwick. My thanks to both ladies.

There is no entrance fee, but authors short-listed will, if they wish to take part (there is no obligation) be required to provide, at their own expense,  a PDF (or equivalent) file and two hard copy editions (hardback or paperback) of the selected book.

There will be a first prize, donated by Orna Ross of £100 (or current $ exchange rate) and a year’s free ALLi Membership, and a runner-up prize of £50 (or $ current exchange rate) sponsored by Geri Clouston of Indie B.R.A.G. with B.R.A.G. Medallion credits for all four finalist books.
My thanks to both these generous sponsors.

The Winner and Runner-up will be announced at the HNS London Conference on 
September 5th–7th 2014.

The  finalists, short-listed authors, and full rules are available here:

So how do you enter your book as a possible selection for next year’s 2015 award?
Simple, just submit your work of historical fiction to the HNS Indie Review Team for review and if it is selected as an Editor’s Choice you might be a lucky winner!

Details on how to submit can be found here:
HNS Conference 2014


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    1. Canada is included in the USA review team - don't worry you re just as important (its just that the Editors and Admin are based in USA and UK)

  2. This is wonderful. I'm glad HNS supports indie authors!


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