24 June 2014

Nearly Forgot it is Tuesday!

Oops! I've been so immersed in various things that I almost forgot that today is Tuesday and I am supposed to put a Tuesday Talk post up! 

The cupboard is bare and the cellar is dry though - haven't a clue what to write about and I have a few very important e-mails to attend to regarding something VERY exciting for Historical Fiction Indie writers that I've been working on. 

So I'm going to do a huge cheat here and direct you to my Devon Diary Blog - Leaning On the Gate.
It is called this because almost every day I walk up the lane and lean on our top field gate.

Here are the latest entries
A Beautiful Morning
Making Hay
The Build


  1. It seems everyone is busy at the moment! Midsummer madness? Glad the weather held for your hay gathering. So sorry about Erik though. Thoughts with you all and mother too. Xxx

    1. Thank you Elaine - your thoughts about little Erik are very much appreciated


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