4 August 2015

Medieval. American Colonial. Ancient Egyptian. History... Oh my!

My Tuesday Talk Guest : S. Copperstone

I’ve been fascinated with all these things in the title for many years and have incorporated these loves and intrigues into some of my books—unpublished, published and soon-to-be-published. Speaking of soon-to-be-published… “Bittersweet Tavern” will be available to the world on August 6, 2015 from Bygone Era Books, Ltd. 

“Bittersweet Tavern” is a cute little story centered around two opposing characters (feisty Jerusha and broody, yet suspicious, Daniel) who found themselves thrown into the middle of a turbulent time in history. The story all began with two characters; an idea sparked by the old ’70s song, “Brandy,” by Looking Glass - I think it may have been their only song; a long-ago trip to Maine, and a short brainstorming session with an online friend or two, many years ago.

 The atmosphere of southeastern Maine, the scenery and the scents, have been in the back of my mind for years. I wanted to incorporate that feel into a story. After some research, I discovered more than a few interesting historical events in that area. One that captured my full attention was the burning of Falmouth  (now called Portland, Maine) in October 1775. I had found my background to throw my two favorite characters in the middle of. Jerusha Lovejoy Frost and Daniel Stanton (named for ancestors in my genealogy), had found a home, many many years later, into a book to come alive in.

"The novel expertly and vividly brings to life 
the ordinary street details of Colonial America,"

 Read the  full Historical Novel Society
Daniel and Jerusha lived in a small town and no doubt ran into each other frequently during their childhood. Daniel, who had mysteriously arrived as a young boy, alone on the docks of Falmouth Neck, had always secretly wanted to find his birth parents and had a deep longing for a more exciting life. Jerusha grew up in the hospitality world of tavern and inn life while working for her parents. Years later, the two would find more excitement than either bargained for.

I hope readers will enjoy Daniel and Jerusha’s story, albeit a vignette, of their lives, as much as I enjoyed writing it. I have book two outlined and I believe Daniel would like to tell more of his life during the years after he left Falmouth Neck for a life at sea. Both Jerusha and Daniel wish to tell their stories after the burning of Falmouth incident. When I find more time, I’ll work on writing their stories.

I would love for the story to become a movie, as I’ve gone back and forth between the story being written in novel and screenplay forms and I believe a movie of Daniel and Jerusha would be icing on the cake, as they say. So, if anyone is up to the challenge, ;-).

—S. Copperstone

S. Copperstone is the pen name for someone who wishes to remain somewhat anonymous. She enjoys writing about unusual subjects and has a ongoing web serial about centaurs in the American Old West, “Two Bits,” available on Jukepop.com  

 She’ll write more chapters when she has the chance, so be sure to check back.

She has another unusual story, a fantasy with a touch of Ancient Egypt in a dystopian world, “The High King’s Embalmer,” available on Amazon and is in the process of being available in print form (when she has the time):

 She has a charming, yet turbulent saga (not published yet) of a knight and his family and adventures and misadventures during the late 1200s to mid-1300s which she hopes to find a home for in the near future, also.

S. Copperstone can be found wandering all over the internet especially on:

• Twitter: @SCopperstone

Helen} S.Copperstone's article was received a couple of weeks ago. While preparing it for publication I paused at the reference to 'Falmouth'. Which Falmouth? Where? I wondered, which prompted me to recall an altercation I'd had with a US author over the term 'Civil War'. What Civil War? The US or the English one? This in turn prompted me to write an article on this very subject - when marketing your book world wide - be specific about the location!
You can read it here 

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