5 December 2016


Join a selection of fabulous authors and their
Supporting Role Characters
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We all know the protagonist is the hero (or anti-hero!) of a novel. He or she usually has a companion main character, often the ‘love interest’ or maybe the stalwart side-kick, but what about that next rank down: the supporting role guy or gal? You know, the one who doesn’t get Best Actor, but Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. I thought it time that some of these supporting cast characters had a chance to step from the shadows of novels and have a turn in the limelight.

PLUS! something for the intrepid author to answer. Each author can invite six fictional characters (not their own!) to Christmas Dinner – who will they invite? 

Here are our participating authors - but who will be their Supporting Role Characters? Join us here from tomorrow to find out!

(links here go to authors' websites -  Supporting Role Features will be on THIS blog)
6th     Inge H Borg
7th    Matthew Harffy
8th     Alison Morton
9th     Regina Jeffers
10th   Anna Belfrage
11th   Christoph Fischer
12th   Pauline Barclay
13th   Antoine Vanner
14th   Annie Whitehead
15th   Derek Birks
16th   Carolyn Hughes
17th   Helen Hollick


  1. This should prove interesting. Looking forward to seeing who they wold invite to dinner, and why.

    1. No spoilers but we have some terrific Supporting Role characters waiting in the wings!

  2. Hmmm.. I haven't read some of those. Looking forward to Borg, this will be a new author for me. Better skip dinner put tonight just incase I need book money.

  3. Always found Vergil an extremely well cast character. Glad to meet him in this interview :-)


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