4 July 2017

4th July - well we didn't want the Colonies anyway...

It doesn't seem that long ago, but on this day 2015 I was thoroughly enjoying myself in Williamsburg, Virginia, with my dearest friends Cathy & Ray Helms, staying at Newport House B & B with two more very dear friends, John and Cathy Millar.

The experience of celebrating 4th July at what used to be the Capitol of Virginia was an experience I'll never forget - even if I did have to mutter 'God Bless King George' under my breath!

The trip started at Denver for a Conference (sadly I now have nothing to do with HNS as a society, but I fully intend to stay in touch with all the wonderful people who are friends, fellow writers and much valued readers). From my POV our part in the Conference  - that's moi, Alison Morton, Anna Belfrage and Geri Clouston CEO of IndieBRAG, went well - especially the social side. It was wonderful to be able to say hello to so many lovely people I would not have otherwise met.  

(and just to be honest here: to the snide naysayers who whispered and complained and moaned about Indie Writers and everything Indie being included in the 2015 and the 2016 conferences, your attitude was a disgraceful negativity which eventually led to me quitting the HNS with no intention of ever returning. Indie writers are here to stay. We're just as good as traditional authors and there is absolutely no place for these priggish, opinionated and snobbish attitudes within the literary world. 
A good book is a good book - however it is published.)

Alison, Geri, Anna, Moi,
and sorry I've forgotten the last guy's name
all photos (except where mentioned) ©CathyHelms www.avalongraphics.org
Indie and proud of it!
a laugh at Breakfast!
 But on to Virginia (after spending a while at Cathy Helms' North Carolina home)

Newport House B&B 
HIGHLY recommended 
 in Colonial Williamsburg!

the Coffee Shop
The gaol where Blackbeard's crew were held
and my Jesamiah has been 'entertained'
The Kings Arms
where I met more friends (Judy & James Hanna)
 for a wonderful meal
Cathy Millar's beautiful garden

Happy 4th July America!

And finally
I am proud to have one of my book covers (designed by Cathy Helms) as a finalist for the IndieBRAG cover design of the year
Please DO vote
for the cover designs of your choice
(this graphic designed by Anna Belfrage)


  1. Fab post and great memories, it seems. I love the hats with the pretty ribbons - were they for sale?

    1. these are typical mid-late 1700s Colonial hats - and yes they were for sale

  2. Such wonderful memories of that summer having you with us for a few weeks! It was amusing to have a Brit along with us as we 'Colonists' celebrated our Independence Day that Fourth too. *laughs* It was a special trip both to the conference and Williamsburg with you. I had a particular enjoyable time taking all of those photos at Williamsburg! And of course meeting and making new friends at the conference! Pity we are not in Williamsburg today again together. xx

    1. Lovely memories of being with lovely people!

  3. Lovely memories - but I am totally distracted by Jesamiah being "entertained" while in gaol. Which book must I re-read?

    1. sorry Anna, that was a bit mean of me *laugh* I was referring to his somewhat unpleasant stay in Williamsburg Gaol in Bring It Close - all because of that tart, Alicia....

  4. "Long live the Queen!"

    That one was just for you, Mrs. Hollick. I live on the other side of "the pond," remember? ROFLMAO

    As a relative of Jean Lafitte, I'm looking forward to starting "Sea Witch" today. ;-)

  5. We have very fond memories of your visit with us at Newport House too! This year because July 4th fell on our regular weekly English Country Dance night, we hosted a cookout for our dancers beneath the giant crepe myrtle tree behind our house that always bursts like fireworks into blossom clothing itself in lovely pink flowers for the 4th.


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