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8 March 2019

A Novel Conversation with Marla L.Anderson's Dr Daniel M. Walker

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To be a little different from the usual 'meet the author' 
let's meet a character

Dr Daniel M. Walker

Q: Hello, I’m Helen the host of Novel Conversations, please do make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink? Tea, coffee, wine – something stronger? You’ll find a box of chocolates and a bowl of fruit on the table next to you, please do help yourself. I believe you are a character in Marla L. Anderson’s novel NanoMorphosis. Would you like to introduce yourself? Are you a lead character or a supporting role?  

A: Little too early in the day for whisky, but I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee. I take it black. I’ll pass on the chocolate, thanks. So, to answer your question, I’m Dr. Daniel M. Walker, astrophysicist and Mission Commander of the Nina. I take a leading role.

Q: What genre is the novel and what is it about?

A: I’m told it’s science fiction, though I’m not sure what the fiction part is. It’s based on science and how it may affect humanity. The novel tells about my mission to find a habitable new world, and how a narcissistic asshole of a nano-technologist who’s trying to re-engineer the human genome gets in my way. 

Q: No spoilers, but are you a ‘goodie’ or a ‘baddie’? (Or maybe you are both!)

A: If only life were that simple, but I try to do the right thing and treat people fair.

Q:  Tell me about another character in the novel – maybe your best friend, lover or partner … or maybe your arch enemy!

A: How about all three rolled into one? That would be Aurora. She’s either the best or worst thing that ever happened to me, depending on your point of view. Mine changes regularly. About as often as she does.

Q: Is this the only novel you have appeared in, or are there others in a series?

A: Just this one so far, but rumour is my author’s working on a sequel.

Q: What is one of your least favourite scenes you appear in? 

A: No question there. It would be the time I spent in the bowels of the old opera house in Paris, trapped in a dark pit with rats and spiders snacking on me. Not fun. 
[Helen shudders] ... ugh ... let's move on... 

Q: And your favourite scene? 
A: My absolute favourite would be my last scene with Aurora when we … oops, that might be a spoiler. Let’s just say we made up.


Q: Tell me a little about your author. Has she written any other books? 

A: Several, but only one other that’s been published so far. “The Cost of Living: A Life for A Life.” She calls it a dystopian novella. It’s out in audio book form too.

Q: Is your author working on anything else at the moment?
A: She’s always working on something. There’s the upcoming audio book for NanoMorphosis and a sequel she’s writing. Plus, she’s co-authoring a novel about a couple guys trying to survive in the Alaskan wilderness which takes a very mysterious turn. She’s got a young adult novel about extracting magic from metal in the works as well.  I expect to see new books coming out soon.

Q: How do you think indie authors, such as your author, can be helped or supported by readers or groups? What does your author think is the most useful for her personally?
A: It takes a lot of readers and a lot of reviews to get noticed. The more readers who take the time to post a review, the better. She greatly appreciates readers’ feedback and is open to new ideas and suggestions on what they’d like to read in the future.

Q: Finally, before we must bid adieu, the novel you appear in has been awarded a prestigious IndieBRAG Medallion, does your author find this helpful, and is there anything else she would like IndieBRAG to do to help indie authors receive the recognition they deserve?

A: Marla was very excited and pleased to receive an IndieBRAG Medallion and has seen both sales and interest in her work grow since. This interview is an opportunity which she wouldn’t have otherwise received. Hopefully there will be more opportunities like this in the future.

Q. Thank you, Dr. Walker, it was a pleasure talking to you. Would your author like to add a short excerpt? 

A. Yes, unfortunately, she wants to share that scene I described as my personal low point.  

Helen : Well, we'll let her add that while we have another drink. A refill?
Daniel :  No more coffee thanks, but I’ll take that whisky now.
Helen : Salute! Here’s to being a successful Brag Medallion Honouree! 

“I told you not to move,” Chayd said.
    Despite the agonizing burn, Daniel struggled to a stand again.
   Chayd sighed in annoyance and slowly descended. “You really are an irritating man. Put her down, now, before I lose my temper.”
    The pain was working its way up. Daniel couldn’t take one more step, let alone jump, but he still had control over his upper body. He saw no other choice. He summoned the last of his strength, swept her gossamer thin body over his head and threw her. She spun outwards, fell, and splashed into the dark water, disappearing below its inky surface.
    Then Chayd was upon him. He gripped Daniel by the back of his neck and Daniel jerked with one violent spasm and went limp, paralyzed from the neck down.
    Chayd hissed viciously in his ear. “Did you think to drown her like a sick kitten? I assure you, she is not so easily disposed of, nor am I so easily thwarted.” Chayd turned to his followers, resuming his commanding tone. “Find her. Drain the lake if you must.”
    The men rushed past them and jumped in. The water was only chest deep, so they walked upright, splashing about. Another pair struggled with an ancient lever on the wall to release the water. Finally, it gave way and Daniel heard the sound of water running into an opened spillway.
    Chayd looked back at Daniel. “All you’ve accomplished is to inconvenience me. I hope it was worth your life.”
    With one hand, Chayd lifted Daniel’s considerable weight easily, carrying him up the steps by his neck as if he were nothing more than a handbag.
    “I read your psych profile,” Chayd said in a casual tone. “I know it’s supposed to be privileged information, but these days such barriers have little meaning to me. As I recall, you have several phobias—small, dark, enclosed places seem to give you the most trouble. You also have a problem handling insects and vermin of any sort.”
    Carrying Daniel along, Chayd rounded a darkened corner, casting green light on the block walls with his free hand. He kicked something aside that sounded big and heavy then dangled Daniel at arm’s length.
    “I think this should do nicely.”
   Daniel rolled his eyes down and saw a deep narrow pit yawning open below his feet. He tried to protest, but no sound came out.
   “These were originally designed to store wine kegs raised and lowered on ropes. Abandoned now, of course. Not much to see, so no one ventures down here, not even the tourists, but don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t lack for company.”
    Chayd opened his hand and Daniel dropped, slamming hard at the bottom to lie bent at an unnatural angle. He would have screamed, but his crushed throat could only gurgle. 

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  1. The best of Sci Fi shares the science and seems plausible- this book certainly fills those requirements. Dr. Walker sounds like a good guy trying to do the right thing. I plan to read this one to find out if he is successful!


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