19 April 2012

The Blood(y) Test - Thursday Thoughts

I have to go for a blood test. All to do with my high blood pressure, possible thyroid etc. Now I don't mind going for a blood test, but this whole thing is turning into a bit of a saga.

I reckon I could make a novel out of it.
Blood test #1 last year. GP didn't seem concerned by it, barely looked at the results and told me there was nothing wrong. Great, except my optician was concerned because there obviously was something wrong.

Turned out I had high blood pressure and mild glaucoma. Eye drops for the rest of my life and tablets to keep the blood pressure down (and told to not get stressed.) The main time I get stressed is when at the doctor's surgery....

A few months later I see another doctor who says I should have had another blood test. No problem - except he wanted me to up the dose for the tablets and go for a test in two weeks. Christmas was in the middle of all that. I went for the test (lots of waiting around lah lah lah) the results never arrived.
Lost, gone AWOL, whatever....

Back to the GP - the one I originally saw, who stated "But your blood pressure is normal. Why do you want more tablets?"
Now I'm not usually very bold with doctors (no idea why, I don't have a problem speaking my mind elsewhere) but that remark annoyed me.

"Maybe" I said menacingly, "my blood pressure is normal because I am taking the tablets."

When I went back for the next repeat I made sure I saw the decent quack. Who sent me for another blood test. (To replace the one that hadn't turned up)

It involves going by car and finding a parking space. Designed to put the blood pressure up.
I get there, walk into the clinic and find it had closed five minutes beforehand (took ten minutes to park the car) I was furious. They had altered the times of the clinic - nothing about changed times on the form I was given, nothing about changed times on the Internet (I'd looked - to check the times)

So today - as soon as I've written this and had my shower and got dressed I am going on yet another Great Blood-letting Expedition.

If you hear the equivalent of Vesuvius erupting you'll know my blood pressure has gone sky high and burst.

And how much do they take? A whole phial?
Gracious that's nearly an arm full!

(UK people my age will know that quote from the marvellous comedy Tony Hancock sketch, the Blood Donor)


  1. I hate doctors, especially seeing multiple ones. I just give up half the time and choose to live with whatever I'm sick with and hope it doesn't kill me. Right now, I'm living with pain in my face, facial spasms, and an inability to eat part of the time after three doctors said they didn't know what was wrong with me and caused a lot of drama in my life like this.

  2. same here I put up with my hip/knee pain!


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