5 April 2012

Milk? Semi or full cream? - Tuesday Talk

My 'Tuesday Talk posting is meant to be just that - random things that I'm thinking or talking about (interspersed with interesting guests who pop in to talk about interesting things)

This morning I'm thinking about milk.

Many of us have semi skimmed milk because we don't want the fat content, right? We settle for semi-skimmed because full skimmed is more like white water and tastes horrible. Semi-skimmed doesn't have that much flavour either - but with all the talk about obesity & mustn't eat/drink fat la la la .... semi-skimmed it is.

The Milk Factory
Last week on Radio 4's Woman's Hour they had an interview with a nutritionist (can't remember her name now) but she basically talked about the reason why so many of us are lacking in the vitamins we need - especially Vitamin D, which is relevant to those of us with S.A.D. (the seasonal syndrome which causes depression in winter. I take vitamin D tablets to guard against it  - they work.)

And guess what? The vitamins and essential stuff in milk is in the fat content bit. For the fat content in milk to affect your weight (i.e. the bit that stays in the body and puts fat on, as opposed to being processed as nutrients or expelled) you would have to drink at least a gallon of milk a day.

By drinking semi-skimmed milk all we are doing is removing the essential stuff we need - and denying ourselves that lovely creamy taste of full milk on our cornflakes of a morning.
So, since last week we've stopped having semi-skimmed in my family and gone back to "real" milk. Breakfast is now enjoyable again; tea and coffee tastes better (especially coffee) and I'm drinking more glasses of nice, cold, milk. Lovely.

Moo - drink my milk - its good for you!
I honestly don't know if it is relevant - and its probably nothing more than a co-incidence, but since changing milk I have finally managed to lose 1lb in weight. Up until now, despite not having chocolate, crisps, biscuits, cake, fries, bacon sandwich etc etc I've still put weight on.

Anyone know of a good milk only diet?

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  1. Interesting "take" on full-fat milk. In the US, we call it whole milk. The semi-skimmed is called 2% or 1% (my choice). The last category is skimmed or fat-free. All the terms are misnomers, said a friend who's a diabetes professor. Even the fat-free has fats and sugars.

    I'd never heard that the fats carry the nutrients. I LOVE milk and cheese. But any affordable milk (not the organic variety) in the US is full of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics passed from Mama Cow. I have to limit my milk intake because of sodium concerns--my feet and legs swell with edema very soon after using my beloved dairy products. Sucks to be me!!!

  2. ooh cheese ... I love cheese....
    Wonder if I was a mouse in a previous life? LOL

  3. I have a serious dairy addiction myself. I might consider switching back to whole milk too...I do take vitamin D supplements too as mine tends to get too low if I don't. *groan* My own doctor/dieticians have told me to stick with the 1% or fat free milk if I insist on drinking it. Bleh.

  4. Interesting.

    Also, I've heard that calcium helps you lose weight for some reason. They usually tell you to eat more yogurt to lose weight, but I see how this could have helped you.

  5. That's interesting E.C. .... I'll let you know if extra milk etc makes any difference!


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