26 April 2012

Of Mice and Frogs (and cats) ~ Thursday Thoughts

Maybe I should run a poll.
Is it acceptable to get p'd off in the early hours of a morning because Pet Puss #1  has found (and abandoned) a new toy?

Now that young Sybil, Pet Puss #2 is 7 months and "been done" we leave the cat flap open at night. (Have you noticed: when its shut, they want to go out. When its open - they're happy to stay in?)

Sybil on my bed
So was it Sybil or Mab who found the frog and thought I would like an early morning romp? Probably Mab because she's 18 months old, bigger, butcher and quicker at catching things. Plus she often brings me gory presents. On the other pw, Syb is at that "if it moves pounce on it" stage. You should see my toes!

I'm not unreasonable, but I'm not keen on live "outdoor" animals hopping round my kitchen, but I tolerate it (anyone with cats has to.) What I do object to is said Puss #1 or #2 deciding it wasn't the right present after all & abandoning the poor thing in my kitchen.

Have you ever tried pulling the cooker out & poking under cupboards in your jim-jams looking for a frog?
Not recommended.

Sybil in my magazine basket
The other thing with gifts of frogs - the awful noise they make. It's like a baby screaming, not welcome while you are in bed sound asleep and having a beautiful dream.
Love em dearly, but sometimes my cats go to far.

Frogs tend to hide in dark corners and stay put. Unfortunately, you find their poor dried up little corpses several months later (or years if, like me, you very rarely move the cooker or washing machine!)

Mice I can handle. Mice usually find their way out of the kitchen, or scurry about, get caught a second time and thus enter the Great Mouse Hole In The Sky pretty quickly.

Mab on my office windowsill
 note my "Jack Sparrow" which has been turned into
 "Jesamiah Acorne"
(that's my best necklace he's holding)
Rats... ah, now one of my previous cats caught a rat, a bl**dy great big one at that.
I'm sorry to say I saw Scrabble (the cat) coming, dragging it up the garden path (it was dead) so I slammed the back door, locked the cat flap and pretended I was out. Sorry Scrab.

Mice, maybe.
Frogs, forget it.
Rats? I'd rather not.

I am wondering that perhaps it is not wise to have two cats.....?


  1. I can only think of one occasion when our any of our, now sadly departed, cats brought 'live' presents home. The eldest caught a mouse, left it behind a cupboard and we had to lock her in to make her catch it! After that, it was just dead things.... with entrails....

  2. Yuck - aren't they darlings (the cats, not the entrails #laugh)

  3. My two rottweilers keep finding birds and bringing them into the house.


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