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2 June 2012

A Diamond of a Celebration! 

Kindle download Discovering the Diamond 
by Helen Hollick and Jo Field

handy tips for new writers

 Message from Helen:
Jo Field and I wrote Discovering the Diamond because we were both getting the same questions asked over and again : 
"What does P.O.V. mean?" 
"What is the best way to start/ finish a novel?"
"Does it matter if I use author's voice - and anyway, what is author's voice?"
"How do I go about self publishing?"
"Can you give me some tips on editing please?"
and so on. i

Finding that we were both writing the same e-mail replies Jo and I thought we would write a few useful "notes". These were of about 4 pages. Which grew to 8 and kept expanding as we thought of more things to put in - and more people asked different questions.

"Why is it important to edit?"
"What is the difference between a full edit and a copy edit?"
"Anyone can write a book can't they? It's dead easy!"
(er no, there are a lot of "technical" skills to writing a good book)

In the end we took the decision to publish our helpful hints and tips on Kindle. The little guide is written from the achievements and errors I have made during my almost 20 years of writing fiction, and from Jo's extensive experience as an editor.

We are not saying that our little contribution will help you write a 
best seller - but it might!

Amazon Comments :

‘I wished I had had this advice before I published my book.’

‘should be compulsory reading for every aspiring writer. Like the diamond in its title, it's compact but valuable, drawing on many years' first-hand experience’

‘Some real gems of writing wisdom are contained within its pages.’

‘Helen writes realistic, insightful, honest and sound advice which is refreshing’.

Got a Kindle? Get a Diamond!

Everyone can write a book:
Not everyone can write a readable book .

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