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21 June 2012

Sharing Something Nice - Thursday Thoughts

There's been a spate of not so nice posts and comments on various Facebook, Blogs and Forums recently (had they all come from UK people I would have said it was the incessant pouring rain causing various brains to get rusty and crabby!)

So to balance the unpleasantness, I received this lovely message on Facebook a couple of days ago:

Hi Helen, 
just wanted to say that I finally brought myself to finish Shadow of the King last night. I have been putting it off cause I did not want it to end! The last chapter had my crying! And it is now my most favorite book.
 I  never read that much Arthurian fiction cause facts get moved around or focus too much on the romances, but this book was so wonderfully done!
You wove the historic in but also created THE WORLD in which they lived. I felt I could feel it, breath and see it. I wanted to crawl in it and live alongside them. I fell in love with the Arthur you created which made me fall in love with him all over again lol even though I spend most of my time working in his world it seems so much more personal now. 
So thank you, thank you, thank you! Your Arthur was a raw passionate brute with so many actions and passions to move him and those around him and that's how the world of Arthur should be shown. 
All the best, 
 Samantha Houston

US Cover

My response of "thank you for your kind words" seemed somewhat inadequate, but  my thank you was most sincerely meant.

UK Cover

It takes very little to crumble an author's confidence.
One unfair, poor review or one snotty comment can disrupt a whole day's work because of the "negativity" that such remarks can create.
(Most of which are formulated because of jealousy, ignorance or plain nastiness.)
So it is lovely to get positive, pleasant feedback.

Thank you Samantha! Much appreciated.

The boy
        who became 
The Man 
        who became
The King 
       who became
The Legend

The Pendragon's Banner Trilogy

The Kingmaking
Pendragon's Banner
Shadow of the King

The lovely comment was also very fitting for my graphics designer, Cathy Helms of designed a Midsummer Solstice Arthurian themed image for my website homepage

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