5 July 2012

Thank Goodness for Imagination - Thursday Thoughts

Without imagination....

....There would be:

No stories,
No books,
No drama,
No talk,
No friendship at all.

Without Imagination
There would be:
No joy,
No tears,
No love,
No hate.
No reason to be, to do.

Without Imagination
There would be:

No dragons,
No knights,
No questions,
No answers.
No wonder about the stars,
No men landing on the moon.

Without Imagination
There would be:

Nothing at all.

H .Hollick

Feel free to add your own additions in the comment box below
 - what would we be without imagination? 

image above taken from the Internet


  1. we had to dream that man could fly before the wright brothers took off, we had to imagine stepping on another world before Neil Armstrong could... we had to dream that our thoughts could be preserved for all times before we could write. Imagination and Dreams rule the world....

    1. that was me, elvara but it wouldn't take any ID

    2. Thank you Elvara - these Blogs have a mind (an imagination!) of their own! LOL


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