19 July 2012

The Thursday Amusing (not to be taken seriously) Thought

I went to Ikea last week with my daughter because we needed shelving/cupboards for our horsebox (the lorry has a living area - a bit like a caravan but with extra space for the horses at the back)

From experience we know that when you are parked up at a show for a couple of days you need shelving space, otherwise things like hairbrushes, mobile phones, gloves (needed in the show ring) etc get lost.

We eventually found what we needed - plus a few things we didn't need.
(Little mirrors shaped like horses????)

Then came the putting the shelves together and putting them up. Husband did a good job, and the shelves did their job over the weekend at the show we went to.

Then I remembered I had this, so thought I'd share the smile....

"I heard that IKEA put in a bid to take over one of the car manufacturing companies.
If they do, I bet you anything you like that there will be a little label somewhere in teeny tiny print, which you won't see until you get the self assembly box home....

Battery not included

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