7 November 2013

Thursday Fun Thought

Side Saddle Pirate!
My dear daughter is doing a side saddle demonstration tomorrow at a local venue, organised by a local riding club.

I'm really pleased for her as this is the sort of thing she has been wanting to do for a long time.
But guess who is doing most of the preparing?

I now have to go up to the stable yard & help her practice bursting balloons (while she rides side saddle.) OK so the yard is only at the other end of the garden but.... I've no idea when I'm going to get this next book written!

For anyone in/near Devon: Tickets are still available
venue is the Calvert Trust near Exmoor and it it this Friday at 7pm
click here > for  details .

Fun side saddle


  1. RL should be forbidden from interfering with writing... especially when people are desperate to find out what's happend


  2. Exmoor is where I stayed for two weeks...lovely part of the Country. I hope you get back to the Book soon...


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