21 November 2013

Thursday Fun Thought


  1. Enjoyed your historical novels Helen, being a lover of Medieval history, but Pirate fantasies are okay for Hollywood movies. Left them in the days of Sterling Hayden and Maureen O Hara. Can't remember who wrote the books the films were based on, but I suppose I could Google it. The best series of historical fiction I ever read, was on the Hundred Years War and written by a Frenchman named Maurice Druon

  2. Thanks Peter - Pirate (with a touch of fantasy) is popular fiction - and sad to say I have a living to earn :-) Also, I enjoy the freedom of being able to "make it up". It is most satisfying to just be able to tell a story without worrying too much about the nitty-gritty demands of detail. Although having said that I am very particular about getting my nautical details correct, and the historical facts that form the background of my stories.


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