1 March 2016

Hospitality v Entertaining

You have friends or family coming, either for an evening. lunch or maybe to stay a few days. 
It is an event that has been scheduled for some time - as opposed to a drop-in without an invitation or an on-the-spur-of-the-moment call for a cuppa and a chat.

'Jel Cel' - hospitality!
Ok, so is there a difference between entertaining and hospitality?
Apparently, yes there is.

Ruth Downie and Alison Morton.. hospitality!
Entertaining is 'posh' - the elegant dinner party, the inviting round for drinks and nibbles.
Hospitality is come-as-you find us, make yourself at home.

Showjumper Geoff Billington
 - enjoying our leisurely hospitality
Having had a couple of friends staying recently here at home in Devon (at different times!) I have very much appreciated the pleasure of 'hospitality' over the stress of 'entertaining'.

hospitality - a la Pub
Entertaining means a thorough cleaning of the house, as opposed to the normal clean the loo, bathroom and kitchen and a quick whiz round with hoover and floor mop. Change the bed sheets, set out clean towels and that's it.
entertainment - my daughter's wedding
Entertaining involves the best china, cooking a meal (or various fancy bits on pretty plates and dishes) a thorough clean - which includes dusting - posh frock and smart shoes (what? Not my comfy fluffy socks and slippers?)

Husband Ron and Owen  -
definitely hospitality, he helped build our pond!
Entertainment is (fortunately only occasionally) having to be nice to people you don't particularly get on with.
Ashley - enjoyed formal entertained at the Wedding,
 but also an ace 'hospitality' guest
 not only makes the tea but cooks dinner as well!
Entertaining is fine for Christmas or perhaps those occasional special occasions. Hospitality - welcoming a friend who makes him/herself at home, finds out where the tea and cups are kept and makes you a cuppa.

Wedding entertainment for James -
who came all the way from the USA!
Entertaining is making polite conversation; hospitality is having a good laugh with a good friend.

Sue, Owen's Mum - both good friends from Essex
Conclusion? Give me hospitality any day!

Hospitality for movie producer Robin Jacob
So what do YOU prefer? Feel free to comment....


  1. We so enjoyed the hospitality, and I agree with you, hospitality is nicer than entertaining. The warmth of the greeting, the fact that you were willing to meet travellers from Australia. Such wonderful conversations, and the ability to feel relaxed. Hospitality wins!

    1. Of course, hospitality is much easier when you are sharing a lovely day with lovely people like yourself and your husband Celia!

  2. Hospitality every time!! No standing on ceremony here.

    1. And your guests, Richard, can enjoy tasty fresh-cooked cakes and buns and bread....

  3. Hospitality - mi casa es su casa. Even better if the guest is handy in the kitchen :)

    1. Mind you, guests doing the cooking in my kitchen is more a case of self-preservation given my tendency to burn stuff....

  4. I hold my hand up to being the tea maker some of the time last week. I just felt so much at home! A brilliant week - thank you so much, Helen

    1. Well the truth is I drink weak tea you like the spoon to stand up in yours - so you gave up mentioning the word 'strong'.... LOL


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