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22 March 2016

Through A Reviewer's Eyes...

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  1. Enjoyed hearing your take on reviews and reviewing. I envision within each number for a rating a range, sort of what a teacher would do at school. A's are from 90-100, B's 80-89, etc. There are those which surpass even a high five in my opinion. But my reviews are more about my impression of what the reader can get from a story, as well as writing style, scene structure, character development and did it spark excitement in me. Thanks for your post.

    1. Yes Eileen we take impression, writing style etc into account as well, although it is very difficult rejecting a book when you have to be so critical - much easier to reject on grounds of poor formatting, typos and such!

    2. Thanks, Elaine: I had to reject a book recently that was superb in story and writing, but fell down badly on formatting. Fortunately the author understood, had it corrected and, although I did not re-review it, was able to put my review on Amazon and Goodreads, giving it a 5 Star there with a clear conscience. Here at HNS we take everything into account, which I think is fair to both authors and potential readers.


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