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Wednesday 10 April 2024

Creative Crocks Week: Today Charles Moberly - a relatively new writer!

Charles Moberly

Welcome to my Blog!
Wander through wonderful worlds
real and fictional,
meet interesting people,
visit exciting places
and find a few good books
to enjoy along the way!

No disrespect to the authors taking part this week - but we're all of 'an advanced age' and several of us have various aches, pains and health issues, but we keep writing and although we might come under the heading 'aging crocks' we've amassed a good bit of writing wisdom and are still very much creative where our author's imagination is concerned.
So, let's meet another Creative Crock...

Welcome to my Blog!
Wander through wonderful worlds
real and fictional,
meet interesting people,
visit exciting places
and find a few good books
to enjoy along the way!

About Charles by Charles

I’m 78, male, and have still got most of my marbles, until it comes to social media, when I can’t find them. English and History were my favourite subjects at school, and I wanted to be a journalist. Never got near it.

I started writing snippets of fiction when I was just over forty. I completed three whole novels between the ages of fifty-five and seventy. They sat in A4 files, unedited, amateurish, and in need of drastic pruning. Then along came Helen as my neighbour and friend. She encouraged me to self-publish on Amazon and even did much of the early work for me. But I couldn’t actually publish for several more years, because my wife had a terminal illness. Once she’d died, writing novels took over a large part of my life. That was only three years ago. Even now, Helen supports me with such tasks as maintaining my blog and steering me on virtual book tours.

The advantage of being a Creative Crock is that you can do things at your own pace. I’m talking about retirement here, rather than simply being old. It’s all that extra time. Unless you’re a professional author who needs the money, you can afford to write or plan at your own pace, when the muse is buzzing in your ear, and you haven’t got to mow the lawn.

Many creative writing courses advise sitting down at a set time of day to write. That’s an order, you must write something, anything. I could never work like that. I write after ideas drift into my head, which may be when I’m walking in the countryside or having a bath. I let the creative, right side of my brain do the work. I never try to force it. Ideas float into my consciousness, sometimes when I’m not even thinking about the novel I’m writing.

I don’t suffer from writer’s block. If I don’t feel like writing, I do things like plot development, editing, rewriting, character development, and research. These activities stimulate my desire to write, and they feed off each other.

My four published novels are utterly different in narrative style, genre, the way I researched and prepared to write them, and even layout. I like the challenge of creating something different each time. But that’s just me. If your thing is writing sequels and prequels, there’s nothing wrong with that.

My final piece of advice is not to fight your creative urge. If it’s strong, it will take up a large part of your time and bring you enormous pleasure. But if you only feel like writing occasionally, accept that it’s just one of your many hobbies. If the golf course, crossword, or grandchildren are calling, what’s wrong with that? Enjoy your retirement, however much or little you write. 

About the Books

Cooee Baby 
contemporary adult fiction

Why can’t anyone say what they mean? Why is my mother a Tyrannosaurus? Why did she give me such a stupid name?

Welcome to the world of Asperger's, remote tribes, movies, and astrophysics.

Awhina Fernandez is a young scientist at Cambridge University with a potentially brilliant career ahead of her. She has a strong sense of humour but the social skills of a rhinoceros. She has difficulty making friends, publicly lampoons her professor, and quarrels with her mother. But her talents are starting to be recognised by the scientific community.

After an on-off relationship with an older man on the other side of the world, she does something stupid which results in a horrendous accident. That takes her into a remote and terrifying environment. Her natural defiance makes her play badass, which is risky. Her adventures take her on a journey which could lead her to a glamorous new career, but does she want it?

Cooee Baby is a psychological work of fiction, with elements of a thriller.

Any more will be plot spoiling!

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Charles has now published four novels.

The Scrotum Toad, is a satirical comedy. It won a Chill with a Book Reader Award.

The Corncrake is a historical novel set in 1909-10 and 1914-15, It won a Chill with a Book Premier Award. In The Corncrake, four members of a family share the narration. This powerful technique allows the reader to enter the minds of the characters as they react to events, so that love, conflicts and misunderstandings are conveyed immediately. This is only possible if the voices of the characters are so strong that they are identifiable the moment they speak.

Try the Leopard’s Mouth is a romantic thriller with a firm historical base. It won a Historical Fiction Company Highly Recommended Award and a Chill with a Book Reader Award.

Cooee Baby defies genres. The main character suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, but is highly talented. A life-changing event the other side of the world leads her to terrifying adventures.

Charles lived and worked in Africa for two years, which explains why two of his novels are set there.

In his writing, he loves tension arising from misunderstandings and how cultural differences can tear people apart, yet unite them through a common humanity. He believes that no two characters should ever have the same voice. He writes in the vernacular of the time and place, using slang where appropriate.
He now lives in the UK.

Amazon author page  : 

Other novels by Charles Moberly

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