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8 May 2021

SATURDAY SILLIES - Barbecue Summer a poem by Loretta Livingstone

Silly things to  (hopefully) make you laugh,
well at least chuckle ...
smile slightly?

 What you see

is what you'll get

on Saturdays... !

Today... nothing silly at all about Loretta's wonderful poems -

 but this one should make you smile!

Barbecue Summer
Loretta Livingstone

It’s a “barbecue summer” in Britain,
and outside, it’s just starting to rain,
but we’re Brits so that will not deter us.
Let’s fire up that barbie again.

Let us huddle in shorts and in tee shirts
with our skin blue and mottled with cold,
warm our hands while the sausages sizzle,
sit in deckchairs with traces of mould.

And we’ll drink our drinks all filled with ice cubes
till our teeth chatter like castanets,
until one brave soul dashes for cover,
and the host screams, “You can’t go in, yet!”

So, a few may go slip on a jumper
and bravely go back out again,
and our guests from abroad gawp in wonder
and agree that all Brits are insane.

But we’re Brits, so we’re tough, and we’re feisty,
And we’ll stay till the barbecue’s done,
then agree to another next weekend,
for we’re Brits, and we do this for fun.

© Loretta Livingstone

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  1. This is such a familiar description of the average British bbq that I'm cringing! But, with the weather we generally get - last Bank Holiday springs to mind - what else are we to do?

    1. Oh the indoor BBQ's we've had.... LOL

    2. Lol, I hope I've made you chuckle as well as cringe. Today is the perfect weather for this poem, isn't it? x

  2. Thanks so much for letting me back on your blog, Helen. Lol, most of the barbecues I've attended have been chilly affairs. In fact, I wrote this one for a friend's birthday barbecue - we took that one indoors. And on one of the rare sunny ones, I was distracted from my food and the conversation by a chicken who had strayed in my direction and was watching me greedily with an evil look in its beady eye. Its sibling, meanwhile, had taken up residence in the (unused) pizza oven. Lol, not the safest of roosts for a chicken.

    1. I know those beady-eyed looks all too well from our own hens!

    2. Lol. I was worried it would decide to land in my plate.

  3. Thanks for sharing,Helen. I enjoyed your poem, Loretta. I have had a pretty lonely six months, alone in the house with only my little dog to talk to - but now restrictions have eased my lovely neighbours invited me over for a barbecue in their garden. It was a bit chilly and there were a few spots of rain, but hey, as you say, we're Brits, and it was wonderful just to share good food, outdoors with friends and neighbours.

    1. Hello Hywela - it's been a tough year or so for many of us hasn't it? To be honest I couldn't care if it poured - as long as I was actually with people having a good time, laughing and chatting (although the shelter of a gazebo or similar would be appreciated!)

    2. Hi, Lyn, thanks so much for dropping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem.
      Yes, it's been tough, hasn't it? I'm glad you got to enjoy a barbecue with your friends. Hopefully, things will continue to improve. x


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